Ellie’s Birth Story

Let’s take it back about two weeks! I can’t believe she is already that old, holy shit!


On August 5th around 11 p.m. I started having contractions that were becoming more consistent. I had been dealing with these pesky contractions for a little over two weeks at this point but they would not stay consistent long enough to do anything with my progression. It was more annoying than anything because you think “Is this it?” and then nothing happens.. the contractions stop.. and you start at square one again. I got in the bath thinking it was just another round of the same ol contractions I’d been dealing with. I was in the bath for about 20 minutes and they hadn’t stopped and had actually began getting worse so I got out, got dressed, and laid down. I just knew they’d stop as soon as I thought it was legit labor so I blew them off.

Around midnight they were so intense that I couldn’t bear them anymore. I woke up my husband and the girls and told them it was time to go! I got the girls dressed while hubs put our bags in the car and then we left. We got to the hospital around 1:15 am and was taken to triage in L&D to be checked and monitored. I was 2 cm dilated and about 50% effaced. They made me walk for an hour to see if I’d progress at all.

After walking for an hour I came back and they checked me again. I was 2.5 cm dilated and just about 70% effaced. I was checked an hour later and was 3 cm. At 6 am I was checked again and I was still at 3 so I was told to walk for another hour to see if I’d dilate anymore. At this point the contractions were 1-2 minutes apart and really strong. They had gotten closer together and stronger since I got there and that’s why they wanted me to keep walking to see if I’d progress. They didn’t want to send me home just to see me in a few hours.

While I was walking this time my eyesight went funny and the nurse said it sounded like an ocular migraine and if it was too much I needed to sit down. I went back to triage at 7:30 am and was checked again at 8. The dr came in and basically told me that because I was only 37 weeks they didn’t want to force labor on me so I was going to be sent home but she wanted to check me one last time so she could mark it on my chart so when I came back or saw my dr that week they’d know if I had progressed anymore.

After that spiel she checked me and was like “Well, disregard everything I just said. You’re 4 cm now and we’re going to be admitting you.” So they moved me to a labor & delivery room and took all of my vitals and asked for my birth plan and what I had in mind for pain relief. I let them know that at that time I did not plan on getting the epidural, that I wanted to delay cord clamping, delay her bath, and for them not to apply the gel to her eyes.

At 10:30 am my water broke and I was 5.5-6 cm dilated. Not long after this my contractions became even stronger and I began having back labor, which fucking blows! At 12:50 pm I gave in & got the epidural but only got a half dose so I could still feel to push, it would just be less painful and more like pressure. I could not handle the intensity of the contractions and the back labor. I was 6 cm and my cervix had begun swinging forward. I decided to give the peanut ball a try and at 1:30 pm I was checked again and I was at an 8!

At 1:45 pm I called the nurse in because I felt so much pressure and the urge to push. Sure enough I was now 10 cm & baby’s head was crowning! Dr rushed in, got ready, and I began pushing around 1:50 pm! She was born at 1:57 pm weighing 6 pounds 3 ounces and she was 17.8 inches long. My teeny bebe!

Her name is Elyssandra Madison and she is the missing piece to our family puzzle!

The next day I got my tubes tied and honestly.. the recovery from that was much worse than the recovery from birth. I was shocked!

It’s been two and a half weeks now and all five of us are doing great! Baby girl is back above her birth weight and has already grown an inch!

Until next time…


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