Hello School Year!

Ah. We’re back at it! Homeschooling that is!

A is in fifth grade and S is in preschool this year. Today was our first day and it went pretty smooth. Of course S lost interest pretty quick which I expected, but we did get through the activities that I had planned for her.. so that’s a plus. This year is more of an introduction to school type thing for her so I am not as worried about all that as I will be next year.

This year, for S, we are reviewing what we workd on last year – letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. On top of that we will be working on writing her name along with some other things to get her ready for kindergarten next year. She can tell you her full name, how old she is, how many sisters she has, what all of our names are, etc. Once we have gotten past the review we will move into the more structured part of school for her. I have gotten a large variety of workbooks, flashcards, among other projects and arts and crafts for her to use this school year.

For A.. her curriculum is pretty eclectic again, as always. I purchased different types of learning style curriculum based on how she learns the subject best. She chose to do Astronomy for her science credit this year, which is awesome! We are doing pre-algebra with her this year. For History she chose to focus on the different wars so we will be doing unit studies pertaining to those as well as different projects to make sure she’s soaking up all the information. For Language Arts we are doing a Pippi Longstocking unit study for the first seven weeks along with her regular curriculum. Focusing on reading comprehension, correct word usage, vocabulary, grammar, etc.

I’m using the same format for attendance as I did last year, using an accessory from Happy Planner that came with my Teacher Planner from last year. This year we switched to the student planner for her lesson plans but all of her forms will stay in the big teacher planner I have put together that houses all the papers I keep for our records. I don’t have to keep any records for S yet since it’s not required in our state to do preschool.

This year I don’t have a time schedule for school. S does her school Tuesday & Thursday and A does her school Monday through Friday. We start school at 9 at the dining room table. A is mostly independent although math this year (and Science) requires some teaching on my part. Our day mimics the post I’ve done in the past about homeschooling schedule but I’ll do an updated one sometime this month to focus more on this school years subjects and all that.

Until next time…


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