How I Do Preschool

This year (2022/2023) is the third year that I have done preschool with my children and every year I switch things up as needed.

What do we use?

  • Unit Studies
  • Curriculum workbooks
  • Games
  • Flashcards
  • Puzzles
  • Random worksheets I make/buy
  • Read Alouds

This year we are doing unit studies that focus on letter recognition, tracing, counting, and scissor skills. We are currently working through a Charlotte’s Web Unit Study that I am doing with my preschooler and my third grader. I love using these because we can easily adjust it for both of them and they still get what they need out of it.

On top of the unit studies we also have a curriculum workbook that I use loosely. I say loosely because we don’t always pull it out. I mostly use it as extra practice along with unit studies. For her this year we are using All In One Homeschool through Easy Peasy. It’s been working really well for her. The lessons are all appropriate for her level of understanding. She’s been enjoying it and it’s been helping a lot with letter recognition, through the songs and YouTube videos that they use.

One of her favorite parts of the day is games and puzzles. She loves playing Alphabet Bingo. That’s probably her favorite game right now. She’s gotten really good at recognizing the letters but some we still need to show her the picture for her to get it, but she’s getting there! This girl loves doing puzzles, too. She’s got both educational and fun puzzles and we utilize both of them in our homeschool day. Fun puzzles break up the school day and let her mind rest a little.

Flashcards have also been an amazing part of our homeschool this year! I use them a lot with my third grader but just started using them with my preschooler this year. We do alphabet, number, shapes, and colors.

I also make or buy a lot of worksheets. Tracing is a huge area where I incorporate worksheets. Tracing letters, lines, numbers, etc not only to learn how to write them but also so that I can teach how to correctly hold a pencil or other writing utensil. Another worksheet she loves doing is what comes next in the pattern and adding with pictures.

There’s a ton of other things we do that I know I’ve forgot to mention but I’ve touched on the most used pieces of our preschool homeschool.


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