Dear 19 year old self..

This post will be a letter that I’ve written myself going back 11 years as I’m first entering, or getting ready to enter, motherhood.

August 3, 2007

Dear L,

As you sit there frightful of what’s to come please keep in mind that despite all of the hurdles you will come face to face with, you will make it. Motherhood is tough at any age but especially when you’re young and not living with your child’s other parent.

There will be struggles. You will wonder often why you chose to go through this. There will even be times where you question if you’re the best option for your child. I’ll give you a hint, you are. You’re more than enough.

Do not let the daily struggles of motherhood outshine the beauty that is motherhood.

Over the years of being a mom you will face many obstacles, you will be judged for every decision you ever make, and you will question many things but always keep in mind that this child depends on you and needs you to be the best that you can be.

Always take the time to care for yourself. The old saying goes “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” and it’s true. If you completely overwhelm yourself without taking a break to gather yourself, your emotions, and your needs it will be so much tougher on you.

When your child starts school you will cry. You will have a worse first day than she will. That’s okay! It is a part of motherhood that NO ONE tells you about.

When she has a bad day at school you will feel guilty but remember it is not your fault, nor is it hers.

When you bring home her new sibling she will claim to not like you anymore but that will soon change so don’t take it to heart.

When you decide to homeschool because of the many issues she has at school you will question whether or not you will be enough. You will be. She will do amazing all because you chose what you thought was best for her.

When you tell her that you’re pregnant.. again.. she will claim to not like you again but it’s not true. She will come around. I promise.

All in all it will be hard but it will be worth it. Even when you don’t think it possibly could be worth it.

Keep your head up!


Until next time..


7 thoughts on “Dear 19 year old self..”

    1. Thank you! As I’m sitting here ready to have my third I needed a reminder so this was a bittersweet post to type up! I’m so anxious for her to be here but at the same time extremely worried over how the whole adjustment will go with my two other girls when we bring baby girl home.

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      1. You’ll do fine, you got through it last time didn’t you?
        Just keep reminding yourself of that when it feels impossible.
        I’m only on my first, but days like today I have had to remind myself over and over this can’t last forever, eventually she will smile instead of scream, and then she did! (Right when grandma finally got here to help me out of course)
        That’s why it was nice for me to read this; you got through all these rough parts TWICE already, I can too! 😁

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  1. So beautifully written. Now if only you could send it back in time. As for worrying about how the girls will take it, acknowledge (and help them acknowledge) that it’s these types of twists that get thrown at us all life long. We all have to deal with it in the most positive ways we can find. It’s great learning for them. To make their childhood perfect would actually be a disfavor. Also, I nominated you for the Liebster award. Don’t feel any pressure, I know life is crazy with little ones. Take care and speak lots of blessings to yourself.

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