Fifth Grade & Preschool

As most of you know I am due to deliver our third daughter at the end of August which just so happens to be right before school goes back down here. Yes, we home school and I could switch up our start date to accommodate the new baby but I would much rather stick to the same schedule that we have been using so that it goes as smooth as possible.Today I sat down, pulled out all of A’s curriculum, and planned out our weeks and how they would run. I seriously cannot believe she is going to be in fifth grade. FIFTH. F I F T H. When did this happen?? Time most definitely does fly by once you have kids. Her weeks are pretty simple..

  • Math is five days a week with a quiz/test on Friday
  • Science & History are two days a week each so Science will be done on Monday & Wednesday and History will be done on Tuesday & Thursday
  • Language Arts is five days a week with a quiz/test on Friday
  • Reading will be done for 45 minutes to an hour daily once she has completed her Pippi Longstocking project for LA and she will have to log her reading every day
  • She will also have electives that will be spread out to even out her week days

A is independent in her schooling except for going over lessons. She completes all of her assignments on her own once we have gone over the readings for each subject. Her dad does Art with her on Monday because he’s got a Bachelor of Fine Arts and can really help her in that department and teach her better than I could. I can’t even draw a stick figure. LOL! He also does martial arts with her one day a week, usually on the weekend but we count that as part of her physical education and then we do health once a week as well.When I completed A’s I pulled out S’s preschool curriculum and planned out her weeks. Hers will be fairly easy since it’s basic stuff that we’ve already started working on – shapes, numbers, colors, abc’s, etc. She is really good with shapes and colors and so those two topics will be mostly review this year. We will really be focusing on letters & numbers. She will do school twice a week when baby E naps in the am. We will probably do a Tuesday/Thursday schedule like we did last year but with her I’m just going to take it day by day since preschool is not a requirement in our state.We plan to start school September 4, when schools here start their new year. Depending on how many days we take off throughout the school year we will be done middle to end of May, maybe beginning of June. We will see how easy this is once I have a newborn thrown into the mix! Our daily schedule will be a tad different this year since we are switching Science and History to a two day a week schedule. It will be pretty similar as far as times allotted we will just have shorter days since we are not doing all subjects every day like we did last year. I will probably do a post later with more information on the curriculum we’ve chosen for fifth grade & preschool and how our days look once we begin, so keep your eyes open! Thanks so much to our dedicated readers! Until next time! xoxo.

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