Our Little Paradise

This summer has been so full of chaos already and it’s just begun! We just got back from Ohio last Saturday night and then Tuesday night we loaded up and headed up to the mountains. We love coming up here and getting away from home for a bit. It is always so relaxing and calming. We decided to spend all week up here and we will be headed back home Sunday afternoon. We enjoy going to the river and A, my oldest, LOVES going fishing. Here is a pic of her from today. Often times we get so caught up in fun that we lose track of time, which is both a good and bad thing. Good, because it means we are having a blast. Bad, because we often get sunburnt. Lol! Below is a picture of both of my girls & my MIL enjoying themselves in the river. Wednesday night we sat on a quilt in an open field and watched the fireworks. S, my youngest, loved the colors but was afraid of the noise. So she sat there covering her ears oohing and ahhing at the pretty colors! The weather has been amazing since we’ve been up here and I am so happy! Before we left for Ohio it was 105+ degrees and since we’ve been back it’s been a bit cooler which this preggo is VERY happy about! I can actually enjoy outside time with my kids, which we all love. It’s about time we all chill out, relax, and watch a movie while cuddled on the couch so I’ll end this here. Hope y’all have had an amazing week and continue to have an amazing weekend. xoxo

7 thoughts on “Our Little Paradise”

      1. I’ve never been to Ohio, maybe in the next few years. I travel to the US every year and always to new places 😊

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