How to Easily Plan Homeschool Lesson Plans

Today I will be sharing how I easily plan out our homeschool weekly lesson plans. When it comes to homeschool families everything from lesson plans to curriculum to schedules can be different – it all boils down to whatever works best for you and your family so don’t get discouraged if how I plan my weeks doesn’t work for you & your family.



This year we are doing Pre-Algebra, Astronomy, Geography, Language Arts, Spelling, and Reading for Autumn. Above is a picture of her text books, workbooks, and planner where I write down all of her lesson plans.

This is what the monthly layout looks like. Here I write down which week of school each week of the month is. The first week of January will be Week 16 for us.


This is what each weekly layout looks like. Across the top you’ll notice the days of the week/date and then each day has seven boxes vertically below it. Each box has a designated subject. I’ll get into how I plan each day a little later in this post.

On the left sidebar there is a ‘Don’t Forget’ and ‘Upcoming Test’ section where I write down any tests, projects, experiments, etc. On the bottom it says “I’m feeling..” and has a list of different emotions. She doesn’t really use this spot but when she does we talk about why she’s feeling that way, what caused it, and how we can make it better.

Below you will see the different textbooks we are using.


History – Geography


Math – Pre-Algebra


Science – Astronomy


Language Arts – Reading Comprehension, Poetry, Grammar, Sentence Structure, etc.

School here starts in September, the day after Labor Day, and lasts 36 weeks. We generally finish in May because we don’t take all of the teacher work days and conference days off that the public school does. I start by taking out all of the text books we’ll be using that year and figuring out how many lessons there are. I then take the number of lessons and divide it by 36 to see how many lessons we have to do a week to finish the book in its entirety. I also use this to figure out how many days a week I want to do each subject. This year we are doing Math, Spelling, Reading, & Language Arts five days a week but Science and History only twice a week.

This allows me to see how my whole year will look and let me know how much of a workload she will have each week. Once I figure how many lessons per week for each subject I then sit down and plan out a month at a time. Like I said earlier I generally start in the middle of August and plan out all of September.

I won’t even lie.. September is usually the only month that gets planned out in whole. The remainder of the months gets planned out weekly. So, when I’ve reached this point of planning weekly I will sit down either on Fridays or Sundays and plan out the following week.

Figuring out how many lessons we have to complete a week before school even starts for the year helps tremendously when it comes down to planning out each week. I don’t have to sit there for hours trying to figure it all out I just have to figure out how those lessons will be done that week.


We are doing Preschool with Sophia so her lesson planning is a lot different. She doesn’t have any text books that we use. She has workbooks, flash cards, dry erase books, and reading books.

I don’t preplan her lessons because we move forward when she’s ready. We are currently working on recognizing the alphabet & numbers. So when she’s recognized a set of letters/numbers we move on. It is not the same amount of time for each set so we just go with the flow with her.

I hope this has helped y’all whether you’re currently homeschooling or are interested in homeschooling. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…


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