Christmas Day

This is the end to Blogmas 2018!

It’s Christmas Day! (Even though I’m typing this up on December 26!)

I hope that you have enjoyed my Blogmas posts this year! I have enjoyed writing them although, I will admit, it was a bit of work! I do plan to do this next year, too, but may switch things up! I have enjoyed reading other Blogmas posts as well and I have learned quite a bit about bloggers I follow through the different tags I’ve come across!

Today I will be sharing with you a little of what our Christmas looked like! I didn’t take many pictures because I was spending time with the family and enjoying family time.

On the night of Christmas Eve we set out cookies & milk for Santa and put the girls to bed! Usually Christmas is the easiest night to get them to sleep because they know if they don’t sleep Santa can’t come.

SANTA CAME! No, we don’t wrap gifts. Yes, they’re all from Santa. Everyone does this different and this is how we do things with our family. I know most households do one or two items from Santa & the rest from them, however, that’s not how we do things. Below are some pics of the girls, enjoy!

A little bit later my in laws all came over. We had breakfast and then opened presents with them. Everyone had a blast! I didn’t get any pics of what the girls or anyone got. 😩 The girls got lots of new, fun toys & games, and a few outfits. I got a new printer, the JT book, new canisters for my kitchen! Hubs got some accessories for his guns, a couple shirts, airsoft gun, among other things.

We were able to relax for a couple hours before heading out to my parents house for Christmas over there where the girls got even more new toys and games! Hubs & I got cash which is always welcome & appreciated! We had fun fitting all of their stuff into the back of my truck, but we did it! Lol!

We then headed to hubs’ grandparents to spend some time with them and have dinner. It was a short but sweet visit!

We were then able to come home and relax. The girls went to bed pretty quickly as did the hubs and I.

Overall we had an AMAZING Christmas! I hope that each and every one of y’all had an amazing Christmas as well!

The next blog you’ll see go live will be my Liebster Award post!

Again, thanks for reading my blog! Enjoy the rest of your holiday time!

Until next time…


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