4 Tips to a Better Life Balance

Balancing life… What’s that and who can tell me how to do it?! LOL.

Let’s be real. I do not balance life very well and it is something that I work on every day to get better at. We all have our own personal struggles and then there are the struggles of our children, the struggles of our significant others, struggles of other family members, etc. Finding out the perfect balance is extremely hard and most people have yet to find that balance.

After I came home with A I was so ignorant on what maintaining a balanced life meant. I lived at home, didn’t work, was taking a break from college, and my husband (then fiancé) lived with his parents. I only had to worry about A and myself. Life with one child while living at home with your parents is loads different than having your own house and three kids. It was an adjustment, yes, but compared to the balancing act I am currently practicing, it was nothing.

Looking into the complexity of things going on now I am realizing that I, in fact, do not have my shit together. Yes, I make time for my kids, my husband, the house, homeschooling, and my own school but I fail to make time for myself. I have been putting myself on the back burner for quite some time due to all the shit going on and for a short amount of time that is okay but you need to make time for yourself as well. Far too often we neglect ourselves and focus solely on our family thinking it’s what we need to do when in fact our family is suffering because we have not been the best us we can be. If that makes sense. It did in my head.

I have done some research on ways to improve your balance on life, taken notes, and tried my best to make sense of it all. While reading a number of articles I learned that it takes time, effort, and consistency – much like everything else in life. One may never be 100% balanced but making sure all aspects of your life have your attention – including yourself – will lead to a much happier you (and SO).

Reading all these articles tempted me to make a list of tips to help get started.. So, here we go!!

  • Acknowledge the areas that you are neglecting.
  • Set goals, make a list.
  • Come up with a plan to reach goals.
  • Celebrate your victories!

I’m not an expert at this whole balancing act so it is definitely going to take some work but it will be well worth it once I am there. I will never be 100% balanced, as will none of you, but feeling like you have your shit together feels great. LOL!

So, who else is joining me in getting our shit together?! Do you have any other tips in managing a well-balanced life?

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “4 Tips to a Better Life Balance”

  1. Lena- you are doing awesome!!! Everyday I know you are doing far better than the day before. Balance life- I have get to acheive- all we can do is our best. And I look back and know I could have done things so much different. I love you my daughter.


  2. I definitely haven’t mastered the whole life balance thing either! I found that what I neglect the most is making time for my goals. I feel like I kind of put stuff on the back burner and procrastinate for short term gratification things (TV and social media) instead of working on something I know will be a more beneficial use of my time. Recently I made a vision board and saved it as my phone’s background and I feel like it’s help me keep on top of my shit, haha.


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