DITL With 3 Girls

It’s another day, another DITL post! I’m not sure why I love these types of posts so much but since homeschooling is a part of our lives it should definitely be part of my blog! Read on to see how my day goes. By the way, this is typed up on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 and will go live on Friday, the 16th. 

Very early this morning, around 3:30, Ellie started moving around and making those cute little baby noises that we all love. This woke me out of a dead sleep, like always (y’all mommas will totally get this), because I thought she was waking up to eat… She was definitely still sleeping but of course I could not fall back to sleep right away. I pulled out my phone, scrolled Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and checked my blog stats for the previous week to see where I ended! 

Finally at 4:40 I was tired enough to get back to sleep. This is a tad frustrating because my husband’s alarm for work goes off at 4:55. A whole 15 minutes.. but it was a good 15 minutes. LOL!

We snooze the alarm and get up at 5:05. I make hubs’ lunch for him and and I figured at this point I may as well make some coffee and enjoy the peace and quiet since I hardly ever get to experience it anymore. Three kids is no joke, y’all. Hubs leaves at about 5:40 and then it’s just me and the silence.

During this time I enjoy my coffee while it’s HOT and catch up on my favorite YouTubers (you can read a post about them here). Yes, I’m one of those weird people who like watching other people on YouTube and yes.. I make fun of my kids for doing the same. Oh well. -shrugs- I try to do this in the morning or after the kids are asleep but there are certain times I may jump on and catch a video or two while the girls are playing or watching a movie. 

Fast forward to 7:30.. Autumn and Sophia wake up so it’s time for me to get up and do mom stuff. We eat breakfast. Autumn decides to eat some pop tarts and Sophia wants cereal. Breakfast of champions over here! They’re happy and eating and that’s all I really care about. I make myself a bowl of cereal as well. 

The girls finish their breakfast and still have about an hour before school is set to start so I allow them to watch some TV. This morning they decided to watch Mickey Mouse, or Sophia did.. Autumn got to choose what they watched after school was finished. While they are watching some TV I pull out some hamburger so that it will thaw in time for dinner and get the kitchen cleaned up from breakfast. Since Ellie is still asleep I use this time to sweep the floors and get the girls’ things out on the table so that at 9 we are ready to go. 

At 9 o’clock the girls come sit at the table and Autumn begins working on her math. I don’t care what order she does her work in as long as she does it all. She generally does it in the same order that is written in her lesson plans which starts with math and ends with spelling. The planner that we chose for her this school year is a Happy Planner Student Edition and it is working really well. It gives 7 subject blocks per day which is enough for me to write down her lesson plans each day and easy enough for her to follow along without my direction.

I begin to work with Sophia – today we did some color by numbers, tracing, and number practice. She can sing the ABC’s and count to 10 but we are working on recognizing them and possibly counting to 20. We will see how it goes. She does okay, definitely needs more practice. She can write her name by copying what someone wrote. All of this is part of her lesson plans for the year. 

At 9:30 I am hungry again which is weird because I am normally not a breakfast person, even when I wake up hella early like I did today. I decided to make myself some eggs. Ellie woke up at 9:45 and it’s time for her to eat. I make her a bottle and feed her while I finish up with Sophia’s lessons for the day. Sophia finishes her workbook pages at around 10:15 and has playtime before lunch. She decided to do her makeup with paintbrushes and paint. She’d “dip” the paintbrush into the paint and apply her makeup, all while explaining what she was doing. Then she said “Let me know what you think of my look in the comments below! Thanks for watching guys!” She watches too many YouTube videos with me but it’s cute as hell! 

At around 11 o’clock Autumn is ready for me to give her her spelling words. Once she is finished I check them, go over which ones she got wrong, write them correctly, and she writes them two times each. On Fridays she has her spelling test and I have noticed that having to write the ones she got wrong has really helped with her memorizing how to spell the words. She doesn’t like it but it works! Once spelling is done school is over! YAY! We don’t spend too long on school because she gets it done, has been understanding what we’re doing, and I don’t see a need in spending hours on hours doing schoolwork. We have found the perfect balance where she learns and doesn’t complain so if it’s not broke don’t fix it. 

Now that school is done Autumn has chosen what she wants to watch and Sophia cuddles up with me in the recliner while Ellie is swinging her little heart away. Autumn decided to watch some Psych and we spend a couple hours doing that. Well, she does. Sophia and I get drawn into YouTube videos.. she has started asking for her favorite family so we watch them. She loves watching family vlogs and seeing all the babies. She’s a mini mommy! Can’t get enough of the cute little babies! 

Not too much later Autumn realizes that it’s lunch time and heats up leftovers from last nights alfredo dinner. Her and Sophia both enjoy a bowl for lunch.. a little more healthier than breakfast. LOL. I, of course, am not hungry.. Ugh. 

I really wanted to get out of the house today but we didn’t end up going anywhere. We pretty much just chilled watching movies. A nice relaxing family day. Ellie ate again around 1:30 and then went down for her afternoon nap. During this nap I cleaned some more, switched over laundry, and prepped more bottles. She only slept for about an hour and then woke up fussy so we cuddled for a bit. 

Autumn brought out her legos while Sophia played with her kitchen set making us all food. And making us eat whatever she made. She’s quite the demanding cook. LOL. Ellie woke up around 3 from her nap and I tried to do tummy time but she absolutely hates it unless she’s on your chest. She prefers her Fisher-Price Sit Me Up chair. 

Around 4:30 the girls decided they wanted to go outside. This didn’t last long at all because they heard a loud banging noise and came running back inside. So we called dad and told him to check it out when he got home. Hubs got home around 6 and checked it out. He dind’t find anything so we don’t know what it was. I heard it from inside the house and it sounded like shoes banging in the dryer. I have no clue. 

We had stroganoff, mashed taters, and broccoli for dinner. Ellie had another bottle and then spent some time cuddling big sissy, Autumn. 

It is now 7:50pm as I am typing this up and Ellie is in her swing, Sophia is sitting beside me, Autumn is drawing, and hubs is working on his book. It’s been a pretty chill, relaxed day for us and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I love days when I can just hang out with my girls, watching movies, and not have to worry about all of the shit that goes on outside of our little family. 

I am going to end this here so we can spend some more time together before bed time. I hope that you guys enjoy these types of post. Let me know if this is something you’d like to continue seeing here on Our Chaotic Mess! 

Until next time…



3 thoughts on “DITL With 3 Girls”

  1. You are right, three kids is no joke! Trying to juggle the kids, the house, AND homeschool is no easy task! So, kudos to you! Thank you for sharing your day. 🙂

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