Two Decades

People always say “you said you couldn’t live without them but look at you living..”

It’s true, I am living.. but it doesn’t make it any easier sitting here with my girls wishing we could pack up and visit with their great-grandparents. Great-grandparents that they’ll never get to meet or interact with. I’m doing the best I can in telling them all about you and making sure they know how amazing you are. Nothing will ever beat physical interaction but damn if I won’t try!

20 years ago I woke up not knowing I’d never see you again or that I’d be one of who found you. That image is forever etched into my memory and it’s hard to see past it sometimes. There’s days I don’t know how to comprehend what happened and days where I completely understand life happens. Twenty years later and I still have my bad moments that can sometimes turn to bad day but it’s getting better. It still hurts as if it was yesterday but I’m much more able to handle the roller coaster of emotions that surround me this time of the year.

Grieving looks different for everyone and there’s no time frame or rule book on how we are supposed to grieve or how long it’s supposed to last. I’ll continue grieving your loss until we meet again.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds it just makes it a little easier to deal with in the moment.

R.I.P Grandpa Brown. We love and miss you dearly. 8/22/1937-12/4/1999. 💜

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