Blogtober – Day 24

I’ve been a mom for eleven years and although I wouldn’t call myself a pro I have learned a bit about being a mom and what momhood is like! Today I will be sharing with y’all four things that I have learned since becoming a mom!

  1. 99% of advice that you receive once telling people you’re pregnant will be unsolicited. On top of that, about 90% of that unsolicited advice will be things that you could not care less about. Everyone will have something to say about your child, how to parent your child, and what you will be naming your child.
  2. About that advice.. I have learned to let it go in one ear and out the other. I used to get irritated or upset when people would share their advice or opinion with me concerning my kids but I realized that it is much easier to just ignore it.
  3. Judgement will be a part of your everyday life now. Enjoy! You will be judged by how you decide to feed your child, where your child sleeps, what you name your child, if you use disposable diapers or cloth diapers. Literally every lifestyle and parenting choice you make will be judged by one person or another. IGNORE IT. Easier said than done but trust me.. ignoring it makes it a lot easier to stay sane.
  4. When people say the transition from 1 to 2 children is the hardest.. they’re not wrong.. it is tough but for me it’s been harder going from 2 to 3 kids. We have a 7 year gap between our oldest and middle and I thought it would make things easier but it did not. The struggles were still there. At the time I thought it was impossible to successfully parent two kids but my oldest being in school and being completely independent made things so much easier. There is only 4 years between our middle and youngest and our middle is 150% a momma’s girl. She’s independent and doesn’t normally need my help but once we had E she decided she needed my help with everything. Part of this is my fault since we said she’d be our last and I babied her right up until we decided to have another baby. She gets jealous VERY easy when I have to do things for the baby and it’s been really tough for me to adjust to that.

Now, there are many other lessons I have learned over the last eleven years but I think these are the lessons I feel can be related to by other moms.

What’s something you’ve learned since becoming a mom? If you don’t have any kids, what’s something that scares you about becoming a mom?

Unitl tomorrow..


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