How to Safeguard Your Family Against Nature-Deficit Disorder

This article is written and submitted by Emily Graham from Mighty Moms. Image via Pexels Nature-Deficit Disorder refers to the idea that kids these days are so disconnected from the outdoors that they’re suffering as a result. With video games being more popular than ever, not to mention the rise of binge-watching on streaming networks,… Continue reading How to Safeguard Your Family Against Nature-Deficit Disorder


9 Tips for TTC A Baby

Going through the process of trying to conceive a baby is a lot of work. There are a lot of things that you can do to help you track your ovulation and fertile days as well as things to do to help you better your chances of becoming pregnant. Below are a few things you… Continue reading 9 Tips for TTC A Baby


Most Embarrassing Moment

em·bar·rassed /əmˈberəst/ adjective feeling or showing embarrassment. "an embarrassed silence" synonyms: awkward, self-conscious, uneasy, uncomfortable, unsettled, sheepish, red-faced, blushing, shy; More   Whew.. as a mom I've had plenty embarrassing moments. Kids don't have filters.. they say EXACTLY what they feel and think and literally give zero fucks. I think the most embarrassing moment for me was when we were in line at Walmart… Continue reading Most Embarrassing Moment