My Top 5 Favorite Planning Accessories

I am currently in the last week of this semester so I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my favorite planning accessories. I will be sharing both physical/paper accessories and digital accessories since I use both types of planners. My top five, in no particular order, are: Happy Planner, digital… Continue reading My Top 5 Favorite Planning Accessories


40 Blog Post Ideas

Picture this.. You're sitting at your desk, planner (or notebook) and pen beside you. You do this every month or so to jot down new blog ideas for the upcoming weeks. You pick up your pen to begin writing and nothing.... Writers block hits us all at one point or another and that feeling is… Continue reading 40 Blog Post Ideas


My Favorite Planning Supplies

When it comes to planning I have tried many different planners, pens, stickers, etc. I have been using some kind of planner for as long as I can remember. In middle school we had school agendas to keep track of our assignments and get parent signatures. In high school I bought my own agenda to… Continue reading My Favorite Planning Supplies


How to Easily Plan Homeschool Lesson Plans

Today I will be sharing how I easily plan out our homeschool weekly lesson plans. When it comes to homeschool families everything from lesson plans to curriculum to schedules can be different - it all boils down to whatever works best for you and your family so don't get discouraged if how I plan my… Continue reading How to Easily Plan Homeschool Lesson Plans