Flight of the Monarch Warmer

Intricate florals frame a butterfly in motion, all etched into porcelain and illuminated by a warm, subtle glow. The pattern wraps around the full body of the warmer, so it looks lovely from any angle! From Feb. 1 to July 31, 2022, we'll donate $9.50 from each sale to the Scentsy Family Foundation, a 501(c)(3)… Continue reading Flight of the Monarch Warmer


Enliven the Senses Week!

Scentsy has been killing it with the sales lately. Started out spring with the huge flash sale and now they are giving us an amazing bundle sale! Let me break it down for you! In this bundle sale you will be able to get: 10 Scentsy Bars for $455 Scentsy Paks for $305 Car Bars… Continue reading Enliven the Senses Week!


Making Decisions and Answering to People

One of the first questions I always get asked when I tell people about something new in my life is "Why" and if I am being honest, a lot of the time it comes off really judgmental. I know it's a part of human nature to be curious about everything but the judgment is a… Continue reading Making Decisions and Answering to People


How to Safeguard Your Family Against Nature-Deficit Disorder

This article is written and submitted by Emily Graham from Mighty Moms. Image via Pexels Nature-Deficit Disorder refers to the idea that kids these days are so disconnected from the outdoors that they’re suffering as a result. With video games being more popular than ever, not to mention the rise of binge-watching on streaming networks,… Continue reading How to Safeguard Your Family Against Nature-Deficit Disorder


Rebranding My Website

I'm sure most of you have noticed some changed here at OCM. First being the name/URL. I have decided to change my URL/name to better fit with my other social media accounts. My YouTube channel name is Lena Ralene and my Instagram account is @lenaralene. Because of this I have changed my website name to… Continue reading Rebranding My Website


How to Support and Encourage Your Child’s Long-Term Development – Guest Post

They say that when you’re a parent, the days are long and the years are short. Your kid will quickly grow up before your eyes, and the choices you make each and every day make a massive difference in how they develop. To better understand your child’s stages and how to support them, look into… Continue reading How to Support and Encourage Your Child’s Long-Term Development – Guest Post


My Journey with Hospice

I get asked a lot why and how I chose the hospice field, especially considering I am a very emotional person. So today's blog is going to go into detail about this as well as talk a little about what I do for the hospice agency that I am currently volunteering for. I posted a… Continue reading My Journey with Hospice