Enliven the Senses Week!

Scentsy has been killing it with the sales lately. Started out spring with the huge flash sale and now they are giving us an amazing bundle sale! Let me break it down for you!

In this bundle sale you will be able to get:

  • 10 Scentsy Bars for $45
  • 5 Scentsy Paks for $30
  • 5 Car Bars for $20
  • 10 Scent Circles for $20
  • 5 Car Bar Clips for $25
  • 5 Scentsy Pod Twin Packs for $40

This sale ends on March 25, 2022 so make sure you go grab your favorite scents OR give a couple new scents a try for spring!

Scent Paks can be used in so many places. Closets, dresser drawers, suitcases/bags, or in our Scentsy Buddies.

Car bars and scentsy circles can obviously be used in your cars, but they can also be placed in closets, bags, suitcases, etc.

The Scentsy pods can be used in the Scentsy Go.

You can shop my link here! If you’ve got questions, please reach out to me! You can use the contact form here on my blog or you can comment on this post.

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