Making Decisions and Answering to People

One of the first questions I always get asked when I tell people about something new in my life is “Why” and if I am being honest, a lot of the time it comes off really judgmental. I know it’s a part of human nature to be curious about everything but the judgment is a bit much.

Why did you choose homeschooling?

Why are you a SAHM?

Why did you get your tubes tied?

Why did you buy pigs?

Why did you want to join Scentsy?

The short answer is because I wanted to. I could go into detail but would anyone actually care? Or are they just trying to make conversation? People don’t really listen to listen anymore which is why a lot of people don’t share much anymore. I know, for me personally, it has become easier just to keep those things to myself or only share with those I know truly care.

When I have given thought out answers to those questions in the past.. it didn’t amount to much understanding from the other person. So now I just say “because I wanted to.” I chose what I did because not only was it something I WANTED to do, but it also benefited myself or my family and that’s all you really need to know. I used to think I had to explain myself to everyone, whenever they asked. I’ve since realized that I don’t have to answer to anyone, aside from my kids and my husband.

If you are confident in your decision then let it roll!

Becoming a SAHM and deciding to homeschool our kids was two of the best decisions I’ve made for our family. It allows me to spend more time with my kids, make sure they are learning what they need to survive the real world (most of which is not taught in public schools), and essentially save us a lot of money on daycare. Especially now that we have three kids. I have been a SAHM for six years and it’s been amazing. Yes, we have days where I want to run away but that’s being a parent in general. Not everyday is going to be good, but not everyday will be bad either. So while some, or most, people don’t understand why I would do such a thing to my kids (I’ve heard everything from child abuse to neglect **eye roll**).. it’s been pretty beneficial to all of us.

It’s so easy to get caught up in other people’s lives, especially with the way social media has taken over a lot of people’s lives. If you’re there to learn, help, and/or support.. you’re there for the right reasons and we appreciate you. If you’re there to judge, belittle, or mock then fuck you. Life is hard enough.. we don’t need you adding to that.

I am guilty of letting the opinions of others influence what I do and I know that’s something I need to work on. I also look for acceptance in everyone and I am learning more and more that I don’t need it. It’s okay for not everyone to get it. It’s okay for not everyone to accept it. But don’t let that stop you from doing what you want to do.


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