Our Daily Routine

Today I want to share with y’all what our daily routine has been looking like. I won’t include times because we all know that everyday looks different and as much as we may want, things don’t always happen right on schedule.

Before school.

I set my alarm to be awake before the girls so that I have time to wake up, drink my coffee, and enjoy the peace. Do I always wake up with my alarm, absolutely not. During this time I make my coffee, hop on my phone, tablet, or computer to check out my blog, YouTube channel, my Instagram, or my Scentsy FB Group. I will reply to comments, schedule posts, etc. For my Scentsy I try to schedule posts to go up over the course of the day, so that I can focus simply on my customers during the day. I found an amazing blog post about the day in the life of a Scentsy consultant. While I am still very new to all of this and learning the ins and outs, it has been really helpful for me to see what I should do during the day to help make this a successful business adventure.

Before we start our school day I make sure the girls have had breakfast, cleaned up their mess, and brushed their teeth. Autumn and Sophia both have chores they do before we start school, as well. I want to get a better routine in place and I have found one that I believe will work so I want to try it. I found it on Life as a Mom. It is called the Morning High Five. It consists of five morning chores that are easy to accomplish and get them started on the right foot.

  1. Make bed.
  2. Get dressed, put away pajamas and clean clothes.
  3. Eat breakfast.
  4. House job – a job that I give them to do every morning.
  5. Brush teeth/hair.

I will be implementing this and seeing how it goes for us. I have tried so many routines over the years and it’s a little difficult since I am more of a go with the flow type person. I, for whatever reason, cannot stick to a routine long enough for it to become a habit but I am going to really try with this one so that it can give our morning an easier flow and ensure we are ready to start our school day.

Keep in mind that since we do homeschool there are plenty of days where school is done in our pajamas and then we finish getting ready after school. Some days I make them get dressed just to get them more motivated or woke up, but some days we just roll with it in our pajamas.

The last thing I do before we sit down to start school is get a load of laundry started. Here lately this has not been happening.. so this is another area where I need to sit down and revisit.

Pig Chores.

Another thing I like to get done before school starts is the pig chores.

If you didn’t know we’ve got two piggies, Hamlet and Bruno. Hamlet is a 1 year old Kunekune/Juliana mix and Bruno is a Kunekune. In the morning we take them out some food and fill up their water bowls. Sophia usually helps me with this and sometimes Ellie will, too.


We start school around 9 am. Sometimes that doesn’t work in my favor, but for the most part school begins at 9 am. We do not go in a specif order. Autumn is completely independent, aside from occasional help with new math topics, so I just let her go about her own flow. Sophia has decided to do a block scheduling this year, so we do one subject a day with her. She lets me know which subject she wants to tackle that morning and we roll with it.

Their curriculum this year is with Masterbooks and we have been loving it. It is completely laid out which is nice, especially since planning can be not only tedious but overwhelming. It is the one part of homeschooling that I will take all the help I can get with. When everything is laid out and pre-planned, I don’t have to worry about making sure that I cover all the things. Coming up with the plans was so much easier when I was only homeschooling Autumn but now that I have added in Sophia and Ellie it has gotten overwhelming. So, I appreciate the fact that they planned the whole year out and that the only thing I need to do is gather supplies they will need for experiments or crafts.

School usually runs until 11/11:30, sometimes running a little longer. Like I said, we don’t have a structured homeschool day as far as an order goes, so we just work until we are done. After they have completed their curriculum work they have independent reading they have to do. Autumn reads for 45 minutes and Sophia reads for 20 minutes. As Sophia gets older her time will increase and even now some days she reads for longer than her required 20 minutes. That does not include fun reading, just their required school dedicated reading.


Lunch is generally between 12-12:30, even if we are not done with school. Most of the time we are done well before lunch time, but on the off chance that we aren’t we take a break to eat then get right back to school.


Once school and lunch are done the girls do their chores. They each have a list of things that they need to check and do if they need done.

Autumn is in charge of dishes (M, W, F), burning/taking out trash, and cleaning her room.

Sophia is in charge of tidying the homeschool room (this one is where we struggle because they play in there all day and there is always a mess), checking/changing the small trash cans, and cleaning her room.

Free Time.

After school and chores are done the girls get free time. This is another area of our lives where I need to revisit and figure out a better way to navigate the whole screen time/free time aspect of life.

I am generally not someone who limits their kid’s screen time because I know we are in an age where technology is a huge part of everything.

However, I also know that limits are necessary, especially when attitudes and behaviors become a problem.

Typically my rule is that if you are behaving, not being disrespectful, etc. then you can be on your electronics as you please. When you start having bad behaviors and bad attitudes, then that’s when I intervene and begin limiting.

As the school year winds down I notice more and more issues so normally that is when I will come up with a better routine for their electronic free time.

I do not limit their play time. They are free to play as they wish as long as school and chores are done. The only things I limit are slime, playdoh, kinetic sand, and other messy activities and by limit I mean, they have to stay at the table to play with them and I have to be made aware that they are getting them out.

Mom’s School/Work Time.

Once the girl’s are done with both school and lunch I take an hour or two to work on some of my school stuff. Generally this gives me enough time to knock out some reading or a less time-consuming assignment. If I have time left over, or the girls are entertained I will check my blog, YT, IG, and Scentsy page again during this time. Some days I have enough time to get all of this done, some days I don’t. It just depends on the kids.


Now is the time that I will get going on whatever cleaning I need to get done. I typically will do one room/area deep clean a day, every week. Then a tidy of the rest of the house, except for the girls’ rooms. They are responsible for that.

Cleaning will generally last up until it is time for me to start dinner.

After dinner we hang out until 8:00 when it is time for the girls to get ready to go to bed. We brush our teeth, put pajamas on, do a bedtime story if they want one, and then they have an hour to watch TV or play on their tablets/phone then it’s lights out for the night.

More Mom Time.

Once the kids are in bed I will get some more homework done, get some work done, finish up any cleaning/tidying, or get some reading done. I typically will stay up until about 11pm just so that I can have some quiet time to myself. If you’re a parent you know that kids don’t know personal space. This momma needs her personal space so at night is usually when I get mine.

Everyday is a little different, but overall that is how our days go. If we get out of the house we generally do that right after lunch and will come back around 4 so that I can start getting dinner going.

Is this similar to your day? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Our Daily Routine”

  1. Wow, sounds like busy days indeed. I admire your grind. I also appreciate the fact that you clean one room per day. It’s hard to stay on top of the chores sometimes, what more for you, since you have children. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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