Gift Guide – 4 to 8 Years

With the holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to share some gift guides for kids. This has been a very weird year due to COVID so I am going to try to get things that are available to be purchased online to make it easier.

This will be a four part series over the next two weeks from the ages of newborn to 12+. Today I will be sharing the gift guide for kids ages 4 to 8. I will be sharing four toys/gifts for each range below just to give you some ideas.

Some of these items shared are a part of my kid’s lists and some are things we have had in the past or things I have looked into.All you have to do is click on the pictures and it will take you to the item where you can add that particular item to your cart or look at similar ones.

Four Years

Outdoor Exploration Kit – All of my kids like these types of toys, even though they all three SCREAM when a bug is near them. They have caught beetles, butterflies, moths, etc. using a kit like this.
We did a terrarium a couple years ago and the kids loves watching the plants grow through the different stages. I did this with a 10 and 3 year old so it can be done with kids of many ages.
MagnaTiles because I don’t know a child that doesn’t love playing with magnets.
Crayola Scribble Scrubbie toys. Kids of all ages love to color and with this you can color, wash, and reuse. There are also additional expansion packs that can be purchased separately.

Five Years

Pogo Stick. This is a fun way of learning to pogo and it squeaks with each hop! It’s safe for children because it is made entirely out of foam. Because it is made out of foam it is safe to use indoors on any floor surface, as well.
Stomp Rockets. These are really fun! We had these a few years ago and Autumn loved them.
This STEM building kit comes with a full-color guide with over 40 designs to build. You can build cars, animals, robots, etc and it helps with hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem solving skills.
Kids Camera. I know my children love taking pictures, okay my teen doesn’t but my younger two do. LOL. This camera is kid friendly – it has filters they can use, games they can play, and they can play music on the MP3 player.

Six Years

All of my kids love to draw, trace, color, etc. This stencil kit lets them be more creative. It’s fun at any age.
Remote Controlled cars. Again, something that is fun at any age but this one does stunts and is more kid friendly than some of them on the market.
This is a game where you can ask up to 10 questions to guess which animal is on the card. If you get the animal correct you get that card. First person to get 7 cards wins!
Create your own water bottle! I think being able to create your own water bottle to carry in your lunch box would be fun and exciting for kids, especially if it is their first year going to school.

Seven Years

This Gravity Maze game contains 60 challenges that you work through from beginner to expert. Great learning of all things STEM for your children or loved ones.
Their own diary! I remember having my own growing up and it was so much fun. In this kit you get the diary, secret pen, black light, book light, and stickers.
These hover soccer balls just looked fun! I kind of want some for myself. LOL. They have a foam bumper so that when played with indoors they do not scuff up walls/baseboards or furniture.
Board games. Any and all. I feel around age 7 is when my oldest got more into playing board games and was old enough to understand how to play without us having to repeat it a lot or have to help her for every turn. Battleships is always a family favorite!

Eight Years

Jewelry sets are always a part of a young girls life. I remember making my own growing up and my six year old has been making her own for years. I think that it could even be fun to have for a girls night or a sleepover birthday party.
I feel like kids can never have too many books so I almost always grab one for both birthdays and Christmas. I know that Minecraft is a pretty popular game and my daughter loved these books, but any books are great!
I know darts can be fun but can also be dangerous, so this is a safer alternative for kids with the same idea of darts.
We got both of our kids these scooters around 5-6 and my teen still uses hers. It helps teach balance and it’s a fun outdoor toy!

What are some things that you have in mind or have already gotten your 4 to 8 year olds? Leave it in the comments below.


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