Gift Guide – 12+

With the holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to share some gift guides for kids. This has been a very weird year down due to COVID so I am going to try to get things that are available to be purchased online to make it easier.

This will be a four part series over the next two weeks from the ages of newborn to 12+. Today I will be sharing the gift guide for kids ages 12+! I will be sharing ten toys/gifts below just to give you some ideas.

Some of these items shared are a part of my kid’s lists and some are things we have had in the past or things I have looked into. All you have to do is click on the pictures and it will take you to the item where you can add that particular item to your cart or look at similar ones.

12 + Years

Any robot or coding kit. Not only are these fun but it also teaches them the STEM basics.
Books. My 13 year old has read this series, along with a ton of others, and absolutely loved it.
The movies to go along with book series they have already read are fun gifts, too. I like to see how my daughter feels about movies vs the book.
Fun novelty socks.
Gifts that correlate with their hobbies. For my daughter it’s bike stuff the last couple years or games for her systems.
An iPod, iPhone, or some other form of electronic that will allow them to play music, games, etc.
Headphones. My 13 year old uses her a lot, and has recently had to buy a new pair because she wore out the last pair.
Gift cards, Vbucks, DLC content cards for games they have, etc.
Games for their favorite console.
Season pass to an amusement park, experiences like museums, aquariums, paint balling, gokart racing, etc.

What are some other ideas for the teens on your list? Let me know in the comments!


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