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A Peek Inside – DITL

As you read through this keep in mind that not every day in our house is the same. We have a “routine” but it doesn’t always get followed. Also, remember that I don’t add in every little thing that we do, this is just the things that I feel deserve mentioning. If I listed every single thing we do all day, this would be hella long and ain’t nobody got time for that.

**This was our daily life on September 27, 2021**

Morning Routine

My alarm went off at 7 but I quickly hit off and woke up around 8 this morning. We got the girls up, they had breakfast, and then we went to feed our pig, Hamlet. I will do a post talking about him next month and introduce y’all to him. I made coffee and sat down with my planner until it was time to start school. In the mornings I like to make my to do list of things I need to get done. Today my to do list has getting this blog ready to be published, checking over Autumn’s work from last week, inbox zero, and planning out October. This morning before school I was able to get inbox zero done. I will work on the rest of that once school and lunch are done, throughout the day.

9 to 11 am

We strive to start school at 9 am everyday but that doesn’t always happen. I am a “go with the flow” mom so I am not overly strict on our routine, as long as we get things done and they are not doing things before school has been completed that they are not allowed to (screen time, etc.). During our school time I work with Sophia while Autumn does her lessons. We do structured bookwork for math, science, history, and English/language arts and then the girls each have reading to do. Autumn does independent reading for 45 minutes a day and Sophia does 30 minutes of independent reading a day.

Ellie is in preschool this year and we do very basic stuff since she is only 3. We talk about colors and shapes and different animals. We talk about feelings and all that kind of stuff. I do not have a curriculum for her. We use books, flashcards, puzzles, etc. for her. I work with her while Sophia is doing her independent reading.

Chore Time

Once the girls’ reading is done they jump into doing their chores. They have to clean up their school stuff – put binders & supplies away. Autumn handles the trash while Sophia picks up the playroom. Then they have to make their bed if they haven’t already (I don’t really enforce this because I don’t always make my bed so I can’t expect them to either), pick up their bedrooms, and get dressed if they haven’t already. Once those chores are done they have to do outside time for at least 30 minutes, weather permitting. They are always out there way longer than 30 minutes, but I do require at least 30 minutes.


After their chores are done it is generally lunch time. On days where we finish earlier than we did today they do free time until lunch.

Free/Play Time

Once their chores and outside time is done they are free to do whatever they please. Most of the time that is screen time or watching Netflix. My screen time rules have changed since my last blog so maybe I will do an updated post about that next month as well. I have been implementing quiet time into our days, as well. This gives me time to do anything I need to do – cleaning, working on my blog, adulting, etc. They do quiet time for about an hour, give or take, in their bedrooms. I do not have a set time for this, it just depends on the day and what I need to get done.

Laundry/Mom’s Chores

During their free time (after lunch is done) I tend to work on things I need to get done around the house. Today that looked like dishes and tidying up the entire house just to try to stay one step ahead of everything. Going back to my to do list from this morning I need to get this blog typed up, a graphic made, plan out October, and check over Autumn’s work from last week done today as well.

Before I left to run my errands I worked a little on planning our October and made the graphic for this blog post.


On Monday’s I try to get any errands done since my husband is home and I won’t have to take the girls out with me. So I need to get a couple of those done, as well. I need to go to Lowes, for sure. But first I need to get dressed for the day. LOL.

I ended up going to Target, as well, since it was right next to Lowe’s and of course got Starbucks while I walked around. I found an AMAZING deal on dinnerware, so I got a new set! It was originally $35 and it was on clearance for $10.50. It’s nothing special, but it’s plain white and will match whatever décor I have in the kitchen. Plus it was TEN DOLLARS. I am keeping our old set because it was my husband’s grandma’s set. They will be moved up to the top shelf for us to bring out when we have more people over. Below is the picture of the box!

While we were walking around Sophia lost her FIRST TOOTH. So.. I had to carry it around so that I wouldn’t lose it because I don’t carry a pocketbook anymore.. so that was fun. LOL.

Dinner & Night Time Routine

After I got everything unpacked and taken care of I did dishes and started dinner. We had pork tenderloin, parmesan cheese pasta, and potatoes. After dinner we fed our piggy his dinner, the girls played outside for a bit, and then we came in for baths and our night time routine.

Their night time routine consists of baths (not every night unless needed), brushing their teeth, getting pajamas on, and going to bed. Now that school has started back up they are all in bed by 8:30 Sunday through Thursday.

Mommy Time

After the girls go to bed I finish up my to do list, get some reading done, or just sit on the couch in the quiet. I have been trying to go to bed earlier than I used to since we are getting up early for school. Sometimes my brain cooperates and sometimes it just won’t shut up. Tonight after they went to bed I typed some more of this blog and checked over Autumn’s work for this week. I also got the month of October planned out. So the only thing I have left is to schedule this blog!

I am currently reading the Virgin River series. I am on book one and it is different from the series on Netflix and I am finding it hard to stay in the book but I am pushing through. I got the first three from the library and I will definitely have to renew the second and third because they are about due back and I have not even completed book one yet.

I hope y’all enjoyed this peek in our day. I have some fun posts planned for the month of October. So come back to check them out. I am planning on a new post every Tuesday but sometimes life happens and my blog gets put on the back burner, unfortunately.

Come back next week for an introduction to our piggy, Hamlet! He’s a cutie!


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