My Top 5 Favorite Planning Accessories

I am currently in the last week of this semester so I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my favorite planning accessories. I will be sharing both physical/paper accessories and digital accessories since I use both types of planners. My top five, in no particular order, are: Happy Planner, digital planner, stickers, pens, and Apple Pencil.

My school planner is a Happy Planner, classic size, in the dashboard layout. I have tried three of the layouts that HP has come out with – horizontal, vertical, and dashboard – and when it comes to school stuff I prefer the dashboard layout. I like that it has a spot for lists on one side and then the weekly layout on the other side. I do not use the lists as they are intended since I do not use it as a personal planner, but I normally just put stickers over the “title” of the list so that I can retitle it. Here is a photo of my planner. The top two list sections I use for any reading and non graded assignments that I have to do and I will label those lists with the class name. Calls/Email section is normally left blank unless I need to get ahold of my professors or financial aid, etc. Bills to pay I put a sticker over the title and just make it a notes section. The focus section I put anything that I need to pay attention to. For example if I have a test due or coming up next week I will note that here.

When it comes to my paper planner a good pen is a MUST. Here lately I have been loving my PaperMate Liquid Flair pens! I have them in black, blue, and purple but mostly only use black. I love that they write smoothly and don’t bleed through the paper. Which is hard to find with the felt tip pens. A lot of the ones that I have tried bleed through and it drives me insane.

My next favorite or must have item is stickers. I use both paper and digital stickers. Like I said before, I use stickers in my paper planner to cover the titles of the lists so that I can title them how I need them. I use the Happy Planner colorful boxes sticker pack for this, because it is just a bunch of colorful boxes that I can cut down to the right size to fit. You can find these at Michaels, JoAnns, and online at the Happy Planners website. As for digital stickers, I use a large variety. I buy them off Etsy and set up my weekly pages with them. My digital planner is used for personal to dos and bills. The picture below is this current week before the pen, but this planner starts plain and all of the stickers were a part of a digital kit that I bought. This particular kit is by PrintPetticoatBandit on Etsy.

Next lets talk about my digital planner which I shared just above. I use this digital planner on my 10.2″ iPad, but I believe you can use it on other devices as long as you have an app that annotates PDF files (Goodnotes, NoteShelf, Notability are a few). I bought it off Etsy. It is from Plannerscollective on Etsy. It is their Ultimate Digital Planner. This planner is for 2021 and 2022 and I believe it costs around $10, which is not bad for a planner that lasts two years. It also has a large number of layouts from lifestyle, to financial, to health and fitness. This planner offers so much for the price! Below are pictures of the cover that I chose, the monthly layout, and the weekly layout.

Last but definitely not least is my Apple Pencil. You can use other stylus’s but in my opinion and based off of my own experiences I do believe that the Apple Pencil is the best, if you have an iPad. I love that I can write in my digital planner neatly (after much practice because it is a little weird at first) and take notes for school, as well. The pressure sensitivity and palm rejection are what make this worth the money over the other stylus’s, in my opinion.

If you are a planner what are some of your must have or favorite items? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much, as always, for reading this post.

Until next time..


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