Curriculum Choices for 2021/2022 School Year


For the 2020/2021 school year we have been using LifePac, a part of Alpha Omega, for Autumn and she liked it. There’s nothing wrong with the curriculum itself, I am just still in the learning season of homeschooling and wanting to make sure I find the curriculum that we all love and take the most from. For Sophia, we did the Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool curriculum and she has loved it. It was all laid out, free (unless you buy the workbooks vs printing them out yourself), and very easy to follow. After watching a TON of YouTube videos talking about curriculum and reviews and flip throughs, I decided that I needed to try Master Books. The curriculum looks so engaging and fun, learning through living lessons. It’s something new and different and today I want to share it with y’all!

“Homeschool parents appreciate the affordability, flexibility, and practicality of our curriculum. We offer a Charlotte Mason inspired approach to learning with living lessons, captivating pictures, engaging stories and assignments.” – Master Books website. Later in this post I will be sharing a flip through, via pictures, so that you can see the lay out of the textbooks and get an idea of what Master Books is all about. You can also see examples of their textbooks and workbooks on their website if you wanted to check out the other grades that are fitting for your child. They offer free downloads on their website, which you can find here.

Autumn – Eighth Grade

For Autumn, who will be in 8th grade next year, we chose the 8th grade complete curriculum. I checked over all of the topics that are taught in each of the four main subjects and there is some review topics from this year, but tons of new topics too. Which is exactly what I wanted. I like spending the first two weeks (ish) of a new year reviewing topics from the previous year, especially in math. So the complete curriculum set was perfect. The eighth grade set comes with textbooks for the student and teacher guides (all except language arts). The teacher guides have all of the worksheets, quizzes, and tests included inside, as well as answer sheets.

From Their Website

The Basic 4 Subject sets include our grade appropriate, recommended solutions for math, language arts, history, and science. The Basic 4 set for grade 8 includes the following:

Priniciples of Mathematics 2
Prepare your homeschool student for High School success! In this Jr. High math curriculum, Principles of Mathematics Book 2 will guide your student through pre-algebra. Building on a Biblical worldview, your student will learn how the consistencies we see in mathematical concepts proclaim the consistencies of a faithful God.

Writing Strands: Intermediate 2
Broaden your student’s writing skills in Writing Strands Intermediate 2! Designed for students who understand the fundamentals of writing and are ready to begin working with abstract ideas (6th – 9th grade), Writing Strands Intermediate 2 builds your student’s narration, argumentation, and organizational writing abilities.

Through simple, guided writing exercises, reading, and literature evaluation, students will learn how to develop narrative voice, craft character speech patterns, compose business letters, write compelling arguments, and so much more in this engaging language arts course!

The World’s Story 3
Angela O’Dell’s World’s Story series uses the same fun style of her popular America’s Story series to teach junior-high students about world history. Students will study the Age of Explorers through the modern day and learn all about the wars, revolutions, and culture changes that defined these times.

God’s Design Chemistry & Ecology
The God’s Design Science series is based on a biblical worldview and reveals how science supports the biblical account of creation. Richard and Debbie Lawrence, authors of the series, have a long history of enjoying science. They have both worked as electrical engineers and now Debbie teaches Chemistry and Physics at a homeschool co-op. While homeschooling their children for 16 years, there was almost always a science experiment going on in the kitchen. Today that tradition is being continued with the next generation as the grandkids enjoy Grandma Science Day once a week. The Lawrences also enjoy playing street hockey, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and visiting historical sites around the world.

What’s Inside

Sophia – Second Grade

For Sophia I also chose the full curriculum set, but for 2nd grade. I did the same process of deciding for her that I did for Autumn. I looked over the topics to make sure that it would start where we left off at the end of this year and it was just the best way to go about it.

From Their Website

The Basic 4 Subject sets include our grade appropriate, recommended solutions for math, language arts, history, and science. The Basic 4 set for grade 2 includes the following:

Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 2

Finally, a homeschool math curriculum for the real world! Math Lessons for a Living Education 2 brings concepts to life through a Charlotte Mason flavor of engaging stories, copy work, oral narration, hands-on experience, and practical application. Equivalent to a second grade level.

Language Lessons for a Living Education 2
Incorporates picture study, memorization, grammar and punctuation, spelling & vocabulary, observation and application through creating their own stories through pictures and sentences, poems, psalms, and letters. Also develops early reading skills and gently develops narration skills.

My Story 2
Level two continues with a journey around the world, and lays a foundation for understanding state and federal governments, basic economic principles, and more. Four global quests included. Lays a foundation for God’s love as students learn about his world. Starts with an understanding of the family from the Book of Genesis, Eden, Noah’s family, the Tower of Babel, and beyond. Helps children create a map of their homes and neighborhood so they can better understand a world map. Covers topics and interesting insights like toys and inventions through history, words from around the world, and homes in every shape and size, all while helping children journal their own story.

Adventures in the Physical World: Level 2
Adventures in the Physical World is an early elementary science curriculum designed to instill a love for science and bring the Bible to life. Through hands-on investigations and biblically inspired stories, students will explore and experience God’s fascinating world as they study energy, force, simple machines, matter, astronomy, meteorology, and geology. Their faith will grow as they discover they learn that science supports what they read in the Bible.

What’s Inside

I cannot even believe that we are not only getting ready to end our fifth year of homeschooling but also that I already have a second and eighth grader. I don’t want to believe it. Time is a thief.

I hope that these pictures and the descriptions from the Master Books website helped you learn a little more about what they have to offer. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below.

As always I appreciate each and every one of my readers and followers. It’s y’all that keeps me coming back to write more.

Until next time…


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