New Year, New House Part 2

In January I wrote about us putting our house on the market and all of the shit that we had gone through up until then. We were a week and a half our from closing and everything looked great.

Fast forward a week.. It was time for our septic inspection. The very last hurdle that we had to jump over. The day of the inspection came and.. we failed. We couldn’t sell our house with a failed septic and it wasn’t looking good. The buyer backed out and we had given up because the quotes that we got were outrageous and not something that we had planned for.

We found out that our county offers sewer hookup and that it would be a lot cheaper so we had them come out to check it out and got the parts ordered for the hook up. They told us it would be 4-6 weeks for shipping and then they could come out and lay the pipe and get us hooked up. Our realtor got ahold of the buyer that had previously backed out to see if she was still interested and to our surprise she was. We went back under contract since we knew an approximate date of hookup and could work around that. We started moving things, again, to the new house and just hoped for the best.

The time between signing that new contract and the hookup beginning was very stressful. There were so many unknowns because the parts had to be ordered and because of COVID we were hoping that nothing would be delayed. Any delay in the shipping could possibly put a damper in us closing on time and possibly losing the contract again.

About 4 weeks after the order was put in we got the call that things had come in and set up three days where they would come out and begin the work. The next week they came out and got started digging up our yard and prepping the path for the pipes. Our yard was (and still kind of is) a hot mess, but it’s okay. Grass will grow back and it’ll look fine. They finished it up last week and made an appointment for concrete to be poured where they had to break ours up. As I am typing this up they are out back adding the finishing touches to the concrete and getting it all cleaned up.

To say this process has been stressful is a HUGE understatement. We are now just under 3 weeks from closing and shit is getting real. We’ve got two weeks to get everything ready to go for the U-Haul to take to the new house. I’d be lying if I said I was confident we got this. However, I know everything will be fine and it will work out.

We still have some work to get done at the new house and the entire garage here to go through.. check back in a month to see how the moving process went!

As always, thanks for reading! I know I haven’t been consistent on here but life happened. Between college, homeschooling, mom life, wife life, and moving… the blog hit the backburner for a while. I am hoping that once we move and things settle down I will be able to get back to a more consistent upload.


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