7 Baby Items Every New Mom Needs

Let’s talk about 7 baby items I feel every new mom needs. I’m not talking the basics like diapers, wipes, and clothes. I am talking about items that some will say are wants but I see them as needs. They have been a saving grace for me with my girls. These items are not in any specific order.

Baby Bum Diaper Rash Cream Applicator
This is a very soft, flexible silicone applicator that you can easily spread the diaper cream with and it washes off very easily. I have never liked the feeling of diaper rash cream on my hands and it always gets under my nails. This applicator makes it so much easier and better for me. It was a life saver.

No specific brand for this. I know there are the more popular brands but we just used the SwaddleMe brand from Target. These allowed me kids to sleep better because they were all swaddled up like a burrito and their hands were close to them like they were in the womb. There are so many different types, brands, prints and patterns for these swaddles and they were so helpful for us.

Sleep Sacks
Again, there are many different brands of sleep sacks that offer different features. We used the Aden and Anais brand and still use them with Ellie. She is two years old but still sleeps in them sometimes at night. It makes me feel better because I don’t like her using blankets in her crib yet but these allow her to stay warm at night without my anxiety getting the best of me.

All of my girls LOVED teethers and they were a blessing when those teeth started trying to cut through. Ellie is two and still uses hers. You can find these anywhere! We have some from Target (Itzy Ritzy brand is awesome) and Walmart, as well as a few other places.

Boppy Pillow and/or Boppy Lounger
We used the boppy pillow for Sophia and the lounger and pillow for Ellie. The lounger was AMAZING when she was brand new. The lounger offers a recessed interior that fits the baby so well and comes in lots of cute prints. The boppy pillow I used both for breastfeeding, laying baby down, and tummy time. The pillow also comes in many cute prints.

The swing was a saving grace for all three of my kids. They loved laying in it and sometimes was the only way they would nap, especially Ellie. I preferred a plug in one so that I didn’t have to keep buying batteries but at the end of the day a swing was all I wanted/needed.

Muslin Blankets
We have a couple brands of the muslin blankets. We have Aden & Anais, Cloud Island, and a couple that I am unsure of the brand. We have used these from newborn til now. Sophia, who is six, still uses hers. They are so soft, come in the cutest of prints for both boys and girls, and they’re a lot bigger than normal baby blankets so they can be used a lot longer. These are the best blankets to get for your babies, in my opinion.

What are some baby items that have been a must have for you and your family?

Thanks for reading, as always.


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