House Plans – Updated

For those of y’all that don’t know (most of y’all probably don’t unless you follow me on other social media) we are selling our house. It has been overwhelming, to say the least. This whole process is very bittersweet for me since we have made so many memories in this house.

I wrote this blog a year ago, originally. I thought that since we have done a lot of work on the house prior to selling it that I would come back and give an update on the work that we have done. Updates will be in bold.

Living Room

• Replace wood paneling with sheet rock & paint, We ended up just painting the walls a creamy white.
• Tear out carpet & replace with wood flooring, We tore out the carpet and put in some tongue & groove vinyl wood flooring.
• New fire poker set (idk what they’re really called), We bought one of these, I still do not know what they are called though. LOL.
• Fire log basket, We ended up not getting one of these.
• Buy all new blinds, We replaced the blinds, thankfully. Those old ones were a pain in the ass.
• Entertainment center, We still have the same one. I haven’t found one that I loved enough to commit to buying.
• New furniture set (possibly). We bought a new couch and love seat. I love them!


• EVERYTHING! In the bathrooms we redid the flooring, replaced the toilets, painted one and put wallpaper up in the other, and just did a really intense deep clean on them. They look like completely different rooms.

Florida Room/Porch

This will be made into our new master bedroom so there’s a lot of work that needs to be done here. We never got around to this remodel. We ended up just cleaning it up really well and leaving it a screened in porch. We did replace the screen where they had been ripped and we are replacing some of the wood, but that’s it.

• Fill in flooring to code – it’s thin now since it’s just a porch.
• Sheet rock,
• Paint walls,
• Electrical work,
• Lay hardwood flooring,
• New bed set,
• Windows,
• Blinds.

Our Room

We painted the walls, the closet door, and the ceiling; left the carpet because there is real hardwood flooring under it. We did get a new bed set and mattress, though.
• Tear up carpet,
• Redo closet,
• Paint walls,
• Lay hardwood flooring,
• New blinds.

A’s Room

• Tear up floor, We tore up the vinyl and laid down tongue & groove vinyl hardwood flooring.
• Redo closet,
• Paint walls, We painted the walls & ceiling.
• New blinds,
• New hardwood flooring,

S & E’s Room

In this room we painted the walls a blue color and I cleaned the carpet but left it down because there is hardwood in this room, as well.
• Tear up carpet,
• Redo closet,
• Paint walls,
• New blinds,
• New hardwood flooring,

Kitchen/Dining Room

• Knock out a couple walls & add in beam, This did not happen because the wall is a load bearing wall and the options we had to choose from we did not like.
• New flooring/refinish wood flooring, The kitchen got new flooring, the dining room is already hardwood floors.
• Paint walls, We painted the walls and ceilings.
• New cabinets, Kitchen got all new cabinets & counter tops.
• New fridge, We have not replaced the fridge.
• New stove. We bought a new stove earlier this year.

Do y’all have any remodel plans? Share them with me! I love seeing everyone’s ideas! Thanks so much for reading! xoxo

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