First Week of School!


The first day of school! We started this year the same day as our public schools did. Today went really great! We woke up and did our morning routine and then got right into school.

Fi was so excited to get the day started! She’s been begging me for WEEKS to start!
Autumn smiled because I asked her to nicely. Lol. She isn’t the biggest fan of school and this year is no different.

We finished around 11/11:30, which is always nice! It allows me to get things done on my own to do list. Overall, the first day of school was awesome! The girls did so well and I’m so proud of them.


Day 2! Again, we had a great day. Today we dived more into our curriculum and figured out a great routine that works for all 3 of us! It might not last but it’s working right now and that’s all that matters.

Momma’s set up. This is where I keep all of my teacher/parent guides and the girls’ workbooks as well as the read aloud book Fi & I are working through and my iPad.
Autumn’s desk area. She’s going to be using her laptop a little more this year so I made sure to set it up on her desk.
Sophia’s set up! She doesn’t have her own desk because she needs my help still, so it’s easier for both of us to have her at the dining room table with me. She’s loving it so far!


So far everything is going well. No fighting, no issues. Ellie has been extra clingy & whiny but that’s to be expected when you’re dealing with toddlers. Lol! I’m spending more time with her after her nap & school is done, so hopefully that’ll help!

We finished our day around 12 and I made lunch and then jumped right into my own assignments. I’ve been slacking really bad and it’s biting me in the ass this week.

Fi is doing AMAZING with her writing. She’s gotten so much better already. We’re working on writing correctly inside the lines and focusing what each letter looks like, both uppercase and lowercase.
This is my planner this year! I have gone completely digital and am loving it so far! I keep all of their records in this planner – attendance, reading log, year overview, monthly overview, lesson plans (weekly), and daily lists.

I can share more about my planner if anyone would like me to. It’s a really simple but VERY functional planner. I’m enjoying using it and it’s keeping me on track!


The end of week one! 35 weeks to go… but who’s counting. Lol. Today started off on the wrong foot but we turned it back around and the rest went fine. Today was Autumn’s first vocabulary/spelling lesson of the year – we only do them on Fridays for now. It might get integrated into the week more often, we will see how it goes for a couple of weeks.

Working on history!

Fi has had an awesome week! She’s very excited for Monday to come so she can get back to school work! I wonder how long this excitement will last? So far it’s lasted all of preschool, kindergarten, and the first week of first grade!

Working on long E sounds! She’s doing really well and she’s really loving this curriculum!
Sounding out letters to figure out which word goes in the blank!

Today, like all week, we finished around 11:30. I think as we move through the review and get into new topics we will have longer days, which can be expected, and I’m fine with that. I’m willing to take as much time as they need to learn and feel good about the topics they cover.

How was your first week of school – whether it was in person, hybrid, virtual, or homeschooling?

I hope that everything has gone well for all of you! I know in our area servers for the public schools had some issues at the beginning of the week but hopefully that will all get fixed, too!

Until next time..


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