COVID-19 Summer Bucket List

We are in full swing of summer over here. Although this summer will be a lot different since things are still closed I still wanted to make a bucket list for summer so that we had something to look forward to.

So, here’s our Covid-19 Summer Bucket List!

  • mountain trips, lots of them! We never get tired of going up there because it is always fun, even with everything still closed. The girls love swimming in the river and I love getting away from home for a bit.
  • lots of pool days. We may only have a small blow up pool but the girls seem to enjoy it and don’t complain because of how hot is already has been here.
  • I would like to make it to a small beach at least once. The girls love going and I am pretty sure out smaller ones are open since they are not as populated as the actual beach.
  • trip to Ohio. We do this almost every year, although we did not go last year. I am originally from Ohio so I love going up there to see family and letting my girls play with my little cousins. I am not sure what the closures are up there, but I am sure that we can find something to do while we are up there.
  • family movie nights. We have already been doing this. We have been buying movies from the 90’s and watching them as a family. Most have been hits with the girls but there have been one or two that they did not care for or didn’t catch their full attention.

This is just the beginning as I am trying to add more ideas to it as we move into summer months. What are some things that you and your family will be doing this summer? Are things open in your state? Are you able to get out and go to parks and such?

Also, as a side note I am trying to get back into posting once a week. It has been a rough couple months for me and I just wasn’t in the right headspace to blog. I am doing better now and am trying to jot down some ideas to talk about.

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