Q&A: Quarantine, Homeschool, Mental Health

I posted on Instagram for some questions to do and I got some where and also had some in my inbox from the contact form on here. While we are all quarantined at home I figured that I would get some questions answered. We will talk about homeschooling, motherhood, mental health would you rather, and the quarantine.

Homeschool Questions

  1. Has the quarantine and coronavirus affected your homeschooling?
    Somewhat. It hasn’t changed what we are doing as far as school is concerned since we already have all of the curriculum at home and don’t rely on the public schools for anything. It has affected us getting out of the house and doing park days or extra curricular activities. Our days are the same as they have been all year as far as what we do for school.
  2. Do you have to/will you continue homeschooling through the rest of the year? (If your area has closed through the end of the year?)
    Honestly, I am not 100% sure if I have to legally continue on with their schooling since the public schools are closed for the remainder of this school year. However, I plan to continue through our curriculum and keep with the same routine we have been doing so that neither of them fall behind.
  3. What advice do you have for someone who is looking into homeschooling their kids?
    First things first, figure out your state’s laws. Once you know them it’s much easier to come up with a plan and routine. Take it day by day.. you will have some bad days but they won’t all be bad. I know with my oldest it took her a while to get adjusted to being homeschooled because she went to public school from prekindergarten through the middle of her third grade year. Don’t overwhelm yourself. It is so easy to become overwhelmed with homeschooling but it is not meant to be that way. Don’t compare what you are doing to what another family is doing. Do what is best for your kids and your family. Don’t expect it to mirror what public school is.. because it doesn’t. Always ask for help if you need it. You won’t know the answer to everything right away.. so don’t hold yourself up to that standard.

Quarantine Questions

  1. What are you doing to stay busy during this time?
    Aside from homeschooling the girls I am also in college. So I have their school stuff and my school stuff to keep me busy. I have also been purging a lot of our stuff and we’ve been doing house projects. We have done probably 80% of our living room remodel. We have to finish the ceiling and then do crown molding and the bases. Before everything got really crazy we made a coupe trips to Lowe’s and got some stuff to do a few of the projects we have been wanting to do for a while. So that has kept us busy, too. Then of course mom life, chores… the usual. I have also joined a book club so I have been trying to read more but that’s not just because of the quarantine.. I have been wanting to get back into reading for a while now and just never did. So now I am working on picking up a book and actually getting through it. Slowly but surely.
  2. How has your mental health been through this time of quarantine?
    Honestly.. pretty rough. I don’t know that I have talked about it on here yet, but I weaned off my meds a couple months ago to see if it was manageable by my regular techniques or if I would still need medicine to help. Of course this would all happen when I am fresh off my meds. I was doing okay with it at first because I am a homebody and don’t really go a lot of places anyway. As time goes on, though, my anxiety is getting worse. Normally when I am having a rough day or need to get out we go to the park if weather permits or we jump in the truck and walk around Target or TJ Maxx or whatever. Now.. we can’t go anywhere unless it’s essential. Last week the girls and I got so bored that we hopped in the truck and went on a drive. I had no destination in mind.. just went where the road took me. It took me straight over the North Carolina line. LOL. But, that was a whole day outside of the house, there were no fights that I had to deal with. I didn’t have to deal with fighting naps or needing my attention every .00000000002 seconds. It was nice. I felt refreshed for a while.
  3. What are the girl’s thoughts about the quarantine and school?
    At first Autumn was excited that schools were closing and thought that meant we would have an early summer break.. then was frustrated when I told her that we would be continuing through the end of our year. I explained to her that we would still need to complete the 180 days and at the time we didn’t now if schools were going back or if they would need to make up the days missed. Now we know that they are not going back and do not have to make them up since the governor shut schools down. She’s a little more understanding now. Sophia loves school so she would do it every day all day if I let her. So her attitude didn’t change. I don’t think she understands what is going on, though, since she is only five. I talked to her about it, about germs and how they spread, etc. and she kinda gets it.. but still will ask “Mom can we go to __?” And gets frustrated when I say “No, we can’t.” She always says “Let me guess.. the coronavirus?”

Motherhood Questions

  1. What is one thing you wish you knew about in depth before becoming a mom?
    Hm. Definitely mom guilt. I think it plays into everything else that I feel is “hard” about motherhood. Mom guilt makes you feel like you’re a terrible mother, that you’re not doing what you should be or enough, that your kids hate you.. etc. It is something that is always there, no matter how hard you try to fight it. I wish I would have known just how bad it was before coming a mom so that I was more prepared. Not that it is ever easy to deal with, or at least it is not in my experience, but I think coming into it knowing more of what to expect would have made the transition into motherhood easier.
  2. Have you had any regrets about your tubal?
    No, I haven’t. I was definitely worried that I would even though I knew that I FOR SURE didn’t want any more children. I was scared that when friends or family got pregnant that I would have feelings of regret but I haven’t. It will be two years in August and I still stand 100% behind my decision.

Random Questions

  1. Would you rather go skydiving or bungee jump?
    Oh man. I don’t think my anxiety would allow me to do either and I am scared of heights.. but I guess if I had to choose one I would go bungee jumping. Ugh.
  2. Would you rather be able to lie and no one know you are or be able to tell when someone is lying?
    Definitely know when someone is lying. It would make life so much easier.

Thanks so much for reading! See you next time !


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