20 Activities To Help With Our Sanity While We Quarantine

As you’re all aware we are currently under quarantine and supposed to be practicing social distancing which, for me, is making me go crazy. Yes, I am a SAHM.. yes, I homeschool.. however that doesn’t mean that I never leave my house. Normally we go out and about just to get out of the house and so that the girls can release some of their energy. Right now we can’t do that, besides them going out back to play. Being stuck in the house day in and day out is becoming a problem.

So today I wanted to share some things that we can do with our kids or activities that we can gather for our kids to do to help with the fact that we can’t leave the house.

For your younger ones you can set up sensory bins/areas. There are lots of different types of these and Pinterest is where I have been getting all of my ideas for them. I hav been collecting ideas to put together for Ellie to keep her busy while I work with the other two in the morning during homeschool. Some of the ones I have saved to do for her are:

    • Wash the _____! This is basically where you get a plastic bin and add water and some soap to it. You allow them to wash their toy dishes, toy cars, etc. You can add sponges or washcloths to it as well.
    • Strainer with pipe cleaners. You thread the pipe cleaners through the holes on the strainer and show them that you can pull them out and place them in other holes. It is something easy to keep them busy while also working on motor skills.
    • Burying in rice. Pour some rice in a plastic bin and then bury different items in it and let them dig and find them.
    • Yogurt Play. Put some yogurt on a cookie sheet and then let them play in it. It is easy, safe for them, and not to mention yummy.
    • Cereal sensory bin. Get some toddler friendly cereal and pour it in a bin. Then you can add some cups, spoons, etc. that they can play with. Again, this one is one that you won’t have to worry about them putting it in their mouth or eating it since it is cereal.
    • Edible painting. You’ll need vanilla yogurt, food coloring, bowls to mix it in, spoons to mix it, basting brush or paint brush, and a cookie sheet. Just add your food coloring to the yogurt until you get the color you are looking for, place it on the cookie sheet and let them go!

Ellie also loves coloring. She does this a lot while we do homeschool. Another cheap, fun thing you can have for your toddler/preschool aged children.

For the older ones you can:

    • Play board games
    • Play card games
    • Look at old photo albums and discuss what was going on, who is in the picture, etc.
    • Read-a-loud
    • Engage in imaginative play with them.
    • Playdoh
    • Build fun stuff with legos
    • Build forts
    • Dance party
    • Play keep it in the air with a balloon
    • Treasure hunt
    • Paint
    • Science experiments

If you live in an area where they can go outside and play, that’s fine too! Our girls loves going in the backyard and jumping on the trampoline, playing on the swing set, riding their go kart (Autumn) and power wheels (Sophia and Ellie), playing soccer/kick ball, riding their bikes, etc.

I hope that this list has helped, even a little bit! We can make it through this! Leave some ideas that you have come up with to keep your kids (or yourself) busy while we self quarantine!

Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time..


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