Unpopular Opinions

The act of ranting about your opinion, but at the same time knowing nobody cares. Mostly used in tags and not as an actual noun.

I’m sure you’ve heard of or seen the unpopular opinion hashtag on social media by now as everyone posts them at one point or another. I have gathered some of my Twitter followers unpopular opinions – and mixed in some of my own – and put them together below!

  • Mom groups are detrimental to raising your kids.
  • You CAN make friends online.
  • Google is not the end all of knowing anything.
  • Not spanking kids doesn’t spoil them.
  • I feel like people with kids tend to bring too many SO’s around their children too fast. It’s obviously okay to date, but so many rush without thinking of their kids.
  • A lot of parents try to show off buying their kids expensive name brand things just to brag about it and it’s not something the kid actually likes.
  • ItWorks doesn’t actually work.
  • Taylor Swift, Nikki Minaj, Kayne West, etc., are not worthy of being called amazing musical artists.
  • TMC is not a bad place.. most of the moms on the app are actually nice and will hold a conversation with you. The few bad ones make us all look bad.
  • I don’t like Beyoncé.
  • Discipline should be introduced early on in a child’s life because introducing it later in life makes it much harder to get your child to understand.
  • OITNB is not interesting enough to catch my attention.
  • I don’t understand the obsession with Harry Potter.
  • 90%, at least, of today’s music & artists are overrated.
  • Most of the popular shows on today, are way too drawn out and just need to end.
  • There’s too many trends trying to take place at once and people look a hot fucking mess trying to follow them.
  • Makeup is overrated.
  • Game of Thrones is lame.
  • All of the ‘cool’ shows everyone is watching aren’t cool, or interesting.
  • I’m all for parents parenting different.. Wish others would follow suit.

What’s some of your unpopular opinions? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time..


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