Favorite Organizing Tools

Organization has always been something I’ve strived to accomplish, but never fully did. In the last eight years since we’ve lived on our own we have accumulated so much shit. When I was pregnant with Ellie I began nesting at around 18 weeks and have never stopped. I purged a lot of stuff when I was pregnant and have slowly been purging more and more.

My struggle is with the kids’ toys. Especially Sophia’s since a lot of it Ellie will be old enough to play with soon. I keep telling myself that Ellie, like the other two, has a birthday and Christmas that she will receive her own toys for. I’ve slowly been going through and purging those as well.

With all of the purging I have been doing, I’ve also been organizing everything. I have found that everything looks better out of the box and in canisters or bins. So today I am going to be sharing with you the things I’ve used to organize the kitchen, the girls room, and our homeschool stuff. Most of what I’ve bought and used has been from the Dollar Tree. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive to look nice.


I use a basket like this for granola bars for my husband’s lunch. It keeps them all in one place so he can quickly grab them and it also saves space since I’m not keeping the boxes.

I use small plastic baskets like this for the baby’s snacks, extra cup pieces, bowls, etc. I am also planning on buying more like this to organize my cooking utensils. Right now they’re just thrown in the drawer and it drives me crazy every time I open it to look for something.

I use these flip tite canisters for my pasta, snacks, cookies, candy, pretty much anything in the pantry that will fit! I love these canisters! I’m planning on buying the cereal ones, as well! Again, it saves space because I don’t have all of the boxes and I can quickly see how much I have left when I’m making my grocery list.

Girls’ Bedroom

I have a bin like this where I keep all of Sophia’s stuffed animals that she plays with regularly. It slides right under her bed and helps to keep her room clean, as long as she remembers to put them back when she’s done. Lol.

I use baskets like these for Ellie’s blankets and toys that we keep in their bedroom. I also have a taller one in the living room with some of her toys in it.

Homeschool Stuff

I use these to organize our pens, pencils, scissors, etc for homeschool. It keeps the drawer less cluttered looking, even though there is a lot of stuff in it.

I plan on getting some magazine bins, like these, for the girls’ curriculum workbooks so that I can keep it more organized and put together.

I keep a file organizer like this in our homeschool hutch, as well. It has any important papers or bills in it. I have had it for years and love it. It makes it so much easier to find something I have filed away when I used to have to dig through piles of paperwork.

I’m sure I will find even more amazing organizing tools when I go out to get more things for other areas of the house! If you have anything you like that I didn’t mention let me know in the comments!


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