House Plans

When we bought our house we knew that there were things we wanted to update and/or change throughout the whole house. Our house was built in 1960 and it definitely shows its age in some areas. I will update this blog and probably add to it as I remember things we want to do or think of more things we want to do!

I will be listing each room separately with all areas to be remodeled in said room. The list is long, so bear with me. Lol!

Living Room

• Replace wood paneling with sheet rock & paint,

• Tear out carpet & replace with wood flooring,

• New fire poker set (idk what they’re really called),

• Fire log basket,

• Buy all new blinds,

• Entertainment center,

• New furniture set (possibly).



Florida Room/Porch

This will be made into our new master bedroom so there’s a lot of work that needs to be done here.

• Fill in flooring to code – it’s thin now since it’s just a porch.

• Sheet rock,

• Paint walls,

• Electrical work,

• Lay hardwood flooring,

• New bed set,

• Windows,

• Blinds.

Our Room

• Tear up carpet,

• Redo closet,

• Paint walls,

• Lay hardwood flooring,

• New blinds.

A’s Room

• Tear up carpet,

• Redo closet,

• Paint walls,

• New blinds,

• New hardwood flooring,

S & E’s Room

• Tear up carpet,

• Redo closet,

Paint walls,

• New blinds,

• New hardwood flooring,

Kitchen/Dining Room

• Knock out a couple walls & add in beam,

New flooring/refinish wood flooring,

• Paint walls,

New cabinets,

• New fridge,

• New stove.

I think that’s all the work but like I said I’m sure I forgot some stuff and I will add as I remember or we find new things we want to remodel.

It’s getting late and since everyone is asleep I should get some, too! I’ll add more to this as we do it!

Do y’all have any remodel plans? Share them with me! I love seeing everyone’s ideas!

Thanks so much for reading!


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