10 Words, 1 Person

Often people are lied to, cheated on, abused, etc and become stuck in the past (or present) unable to close the chapter and move on. In order to be completely happy with yourself you must be able to, at some point, say that all of your past demons have been shut off. A large number of people, myself included, find this rather hard and become so tied down to their past. 

For years I was fighting demons from my past, mainly just the one. It felt like a never ending battle; one that I would always lose. After many years and talking about my issues I realized that I could win. I could move on and most importantly, be happy. 

It took some time and tons of effort on my part but in the end I became so much happier and lively. It’s true what they say “Find inner peace. You must close one chapter before you successfully start writing the next.” That sentence helped me to illeviate the pain, anger, and fear of my past and end that chapter. 

I was years too late. This should have been done sixteen years ago when I first said goodbye to him but my fear held me back. I was so scared of what might happen if I chose to be happy or if I said the wrong thing. Now I can honestly say that I’m done with that part of my life. The chapter has ended and I’m successfully piecing together the ones to come. 

Below are sentences containing 8-10 words that I, or my readers, have chose to say to someone to help us close the chapter and move on. Read them and please, if you’re going through this type of pain – or any pain – PLEASE do not hesitate to get in touch with me. My ears are always open and I am always willing to help. 

“You were wrong. I did find true love, real love.” 

“I hate you but also thank you all at once.”

“Wish I realized what I had when you were mine.”

“You will always be a part of my past.” 

“When we ended, so did my ability to love.”

“The way you left sucked. You should’ve told me why.” 

“The physical, sexual, emotional abuse you inflicted was never deserved.”

“I finally realized that not everyone deserves to be forgiven.”

“I wish we were the way we used to be.”

“Still to this day you are my only real regret.”

“Contrary to what you said, I am more than enough.”

“I didn’t love you. I just thought that I did.”

“I never stopped believing you would love me again someday.”

This technique has been helpful for me in more than one situation. I never realized how speaking what I feel, whether they could hear me or not, would help I am glad that I was taught this technique and will continue to use it as I feel it is necessary.

Thank you for reading.


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