Daily Schedule of a Mom with 3 Kids

Even though I have been a mom for almost twelve years I am always wondering what other people’s schedules are. I wonder this because there is always room for changes if I find something else works better. So today I will be sharing my daily schedule. This is not always followed 100% to a T but I try to stick with it for the most part. I have an 11-year-old, a 5-year-old, and a 1-year-old.

Our schedule will look a little different than most because of my girls being homeschooled but here’s what our day looks like!

8 am – Alarm goes off and it is time to wake the girls up if they are not already awake. I make breakfast for the girls & I and then we brush our hair & teeth. Some days we get dressed now other days it’s later. Some days.. We don’t get dressed at all. Ellie also gets her morning sippy of milk during this time.

9 am – School starts. The girls sit at the table while I get their books around. We start with our morning work to get into the mood for school and then jump straight into our curriculum. During this time Ellie has playtime.

10:30 am – I get Autumn & Sophia a snack and we take a short break from school. While they are finishing their snacks I get Ellie ready for her morning nap.

11 am – We get started back on school and finish up around 12/12:30.

1 pm – Lunch! The two older girls eat and Ellie normally wakes around 1:30 and then I will make her lunch.

After lunch the girls go outside and I play with Ellie and get some cleaning done. They generally stay outside for about an hour & a half-two hours. Then they have movie & screen time while I get some stuff done around the house or work on homework. Ellie has another sippy of milk and then goes down for her afternoon nap around 3 pm and wakes up between 4:30 and 5.

5:30 pm – I start making dinner and my husband gets home from work around 6 and then we eat dinner.

7:30pm – This is when we do bath & bedtime routine. Whoever’s bath night is it takes a bath, Ellie gets her bedtime milk, and we read a story.

8:30pm – The girls lay down for the night.

8:30-11pm – I finish up any work I’ve got left over. All over house pick up (aside from girls’ rooms).

I try to lay down around 11/11:30 every night but this hardly ever happens. I’ve been setting an alarm for 11 to take my anxiety medication and that makes me tired so when I actually take it on time I’m asleep by midnight. However, I don’t always take it at 11.

If I’m being honest, we’ve fallen off our schedule in the last couple weeks but I’m hoping that typing this up and thinking about it will get me back on track. I’m not strict with my schedule but it does make life easier when you have somewhat of a schedule.

What’s your daily schedule like?

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