12 Questions Answered By My Kids

So, for todays post I thought I would do something fun. I have never done a post like this before and I got the idea while scrolling Facebook and saw where one of my friends had interviewed their toddler and their answers are always hilarious. So, I asked both of my older girls’ these questions and their answers follow each question. Hope you enjoy!

What is something I always say to you?

S: “You love me.”
A: “If it’s not nice it stays in.”

How old am I?

S: “11”
A: “33”

How old is dad?

S: “23”
A: “33”

How old are your sisters?

S: “11 and a baby”
A: “10 months and 4”

What do I do for a job?

S: “Do your homework”
A: “Blog”

What do you enjoy doing with me?

S: “Cuddling you.”
A: “Watching movies.”

What’s your favorite restaurant?

S: “Cracker Barrel”
A: “Chick Fil A”

What is my favorite color?

S: “Pink and purple and grey”
A: “I don’t know.. I actually don’t know..”

What makes mommy sad?

S: “When I yell at you”
A: “School”

What makes mommy happy?

S: “When I cuddle you and when I say I love you”
A: “Driving the Mustang”

How many kids are you going to have when you’re older?

S: “29”

What kind of car do you want when you get older?

S: “A van”
A: “2012 Camaro”

Yep, they’re definitely totally different kids. Lmao. A van & a Camaro. 29 kids and zero. At least Sophia knows she’ll need a bigger car to transport all of her children! LOL!

Have you ever interviewed your children? What was one of your favorite responses? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,






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