I’m Done With College.. Now What?!

College has been a part of my life for six years. Six years I have been in the same routine of going to class and working on my assignments. Let me not forget to mention that I am a crazy procrastinator, as well. I honestly work best when I am under pressure, though, so it always worked out for me. I got my assignments done on time and graduated with my bachelors of science in human services with a 3.94 GPA. So, even with the constant procrastination I got my shit done!

But now I’m done. It’s all over.. so, how do I feel?

I could sit here and type that I’m extremely excited for it to be over with and having so much extra time to get other things done, that I can focus on new & bigger things but… the truth is I’m kinda lost. When you’re set in a routine for so long you become accustomed to that and it becomes your life. So, what happens when the routine changes? When your life, as you know it, gets turned upside down?

I was excited to be finishing up my degree and to be able to spend more time focusing on my family, myself, and my blog. I had all these ideas for what I could do with all that extra time. Most people search for their career once they’ve finished so their extra time is taken up by that. That’s not my plan, though. So now I’m sitting here with extra time, gathering my thoughts on how I feel about it all.

As I was nearing the end of my bachelors degree I thought about all the different things I would spend this extra time on. The time that I was spending on assignments & readings. I thought blogging would consume most of that extra time since there’s a lot of work that goes into it but as I’m sitting here now.. I still have extra time. I had this routine in place that included time set aside for my blog and I’ve continued on with that same system, out of habit. So I’m still left with extra time.

There have been many moments where I’ve thought about going back and taking additional classes or getting a certificate in one of the many disciplines within my field. These thoughts have occurred not because I want to go back right now but because I’d be able to continue on with the same routine I’ve been used to for six years. Eventually I do want to go back and get my masters but right now it’s not in the cards.

Another issue I’m dealing with is waking up in Sunday and Tuesday mornings and saying to myself “Oh shit.. I have assignments due tonight!!” before realizing that I no longer have to worry about this. Again, my routine is to blame.

I have thought about keeping my base routine and just switching out school with my blog. What I mean by this is that since my assignments were due on Sunday & Tuesday that those would be the days I have posts go live here on the blog. Would that really help, though? Would it make me feel any better? Would I be any less lost? I don’t want to make this any worse.. I want to help myself get out of that routine and find a new one that works for who I am now.

Whether you’re finishing up college and starting your new career or taking a break, like me, there will be sad, bittersweet moments when college is over. It’s such a big part of our lives for so long. I loved being in school and learning new things about my field of choice. I loved the constant adrenaline rush to get my assignments completed on time (remember my issue with procrastination!).

Now I’m left to figure out what my new normal is. I have to come up with a new routine that will better fit my lifestyle now and I’m excited to begin this next chapter of my life!

When your routine changes what’s your thought process? What’s your way of handling the new way of life?

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2 thoughts on “I’m Done With College.. Now What?!”

  1. Congratulations for finishing college! I understand what you feel. When I finished college, I spent around 6 months looking for a job. It was a scary time because I did not know when I would finally find a job. But it was also an interesting time and I learned a lot about myself.

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    1. Thank you! My plan is to be a SAHM for a bit and then figuring out my next step. I’m nervous about finding a job when the time comes but I try not to think about it yet.

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