Most Embarrassing Moment

  1. feeling or showing embarrassment.
  2. “an embarrassed silence”
  3. synonyms: awkwardself-consciousuneasyuncomfortableunsettledsheepishred-faced, blushing, shyMore


Whew.. as a mom I’ve had plenty embarrassing moments. Kids don’t have filters.. they say EXACTLY what they feel and think and literally give zero fucks.

I think the most embarrassing moment for me was when we were in line at Walmart and Ellie was not happy. She hates being in her carseat if we’re not moving in a vehicle or someone isn’t swing her back and forth. I’m trying to rock her and keep her quiet as it’s almost my turn and I am trying to get my items on the belt. Sophia, who was sitting in the front of the cart, turns around and YELLS “MOM JUST GIVE HER YOUR BOOB ALREADY!!!!”

It’s obvious to most that she meant to feed the baby but for some reason I was really embarrassed. Everyone turned to look right at us and Sophia had NO IDEA what was going on.

I can now laugh at this but in the moment I was extrememly embarrassed. I embarrass pretty easily.


our chaotic mess-13

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