Dream Job: Then vs Now

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Growing up I remember always wanting to be a teacher. I loved playing pretend and reading books to my stuffed animals. LOL. I wanted to be an elementary teacher, I don’t think I had a grade in mind. I loved the idea of being able to work with children and be able to teach them what they need to succeed and move forward.

Now that I am a mom I know that I could not handle this job. I don’t have the patience for my own kids, let alone anyone elses. It would not have been a good fit for me.



Fast forward 20-25 years and my dream job has changed MANY times.  I went from a teacher to a nurse to an OBGYN (I just wanted to deliver babies!) I feel like every time a new phase of life came my dream job changed. Kinda like with our kids.. how they like one thing today and by tomorrow they’ll have moved on to something new.

After I left work and became a SAHM I decided to go back to school for Human Services. When I first started my degree program I wanted to work with domestic abuse victims and help be their voice. However, during my internship I worked alongside a hospice team and fell in love with the field.

My dream job now, and what I have been working towards, is to be medical social worker in the hospice field. Out of all the disciplines I shadowed during my internship I loved what the social workers did. I love that I still get to connect with people and give help to not only the patients that I will have but also their family and friends during a very vulnerable time in their life.

I just finished my bachelors of science in human services and in order to be a medical social worker I have to get my masters in social work. This won’t be happening right now as I have decided to spend some time just being a mom and wife for a bit.



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