Best Day of my Life

Day 27..

Well, I cannot pick just one day to label as the best day of my life so I’ll share a couple.

October 13, 2007. Early in the wee hours I gave birth to our first daughter. On this day I learned that love at first sight does, in fact, exist. It was a scary, yet very emotional, start to motherhood with a preemie but I learned quick that being a mom came natural for me and all I had to do was trust my gut.

November 11, 2011. The day I became a wife. The day I said “I do” to my forever best friend. After being with him for six years and sharing a child with him I knew I was making the right decision even if certain people tried telling me I was making a huge mistake.

September 19, 2014. The day I gave birth to our second baby girl. She taught me that my heart would grow to love her just as much as I loved her big sister. She also taught me that with multiple children comes way more hard days than I imagined.

August 6, 2018. The day I gave birth to our third and final little girl. The child that would complete our family unit. The missing piece to our puzzle. Again, I learned my heart would grow and being able to love all of my kids would not be an issue.

We may have done things “backwards” but it worked for us. We are so very happy with our life, our family, and this journey through it all.

What is the best day of your life?


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