My Hero

When you ask most little girls who their hero is they would most likely say their dad. Not in my case. You’ll see why on day 30 of this challenge. For me, my hero is my grandpa.

I had a great, close relationship with both of my grandparents but my grandpa was definitely the one I looked up to in the hero aspect.

I only got 11 years with my grandpa and most of them I don’t remember because I was so young. The memories that I do have with him, though, are enough for me to know that he was an amazing individual. There’s so many things I miss about spending time with my grandpa and there’s so many things in my life that I have hated that he’s missed.

I really wish that my husband and my kids could have had the chance to meet him because I know they’d love him and I know that my grandpa would be happy that I found someone who treats me like I deserve to be treated.

I can’t go too deep with this post because I will start bawling and won’t be able to even type. So because of that I will be ending this here but just know he was amazing and very deserving of the title hero!

Who’s your hero?


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4 thoughts on “My Hero”

  1. You’re so happy to had your grandpa as a hero and person next to you! I could never meet mine, because they’ve passed away a long time ago… But my parents are definitely my heroes 🙂

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