Favorite Music & Artists

Day twenty three brings us to my favorite music and artists. The answer to this changes quite frequently.

So, I can listen to pretty much any type of music. EXCEPT for instrumental music. I don’t know why but I just can’t stand it. I don’t like Jazz, Blues, Techno, etc. I have been in a country mood lately so that’s pretty much all I have been listening to.

As far as country goes.. Chase Rice, Kane Brown, Thomas Rhett, Luke Combs… basically any country singer new or old. I love old school country like Travis Tritt and George Straight and I also love the newer artists that have come out. You basically can’t go wrong with country, in my opinion.

Outside of the country genre I love Chris Daughtry, Justin Timberlake, Khalid, some Ariana, Chainsmokers, P!nk, Drake..

Bottom line is… if I like the lyrics or beat to a song.. I’ll listen to it! There are some artists that I can’t stand and do not listen to but that list is not very long.

Who are some of your favorite artists or genres of music?


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