Favorite Part Of Me

Favorite part of me.. hmm.

I’d have to say my favorite part of me is who I’ve grown to be in the last 15 years. The girl I was back then is nothing like the woman I am today. I’ve had a lot of self growth and acceptance of who I am.

I used to let my self esteem, or lack there of, get the best of me. I used to let my anxiety rule my every move. I used to sit in the corner, scared to speak up.

Today.. I am a different person. Yes, I still have self esteem issues. Yes, I still battle anxiety. Yes, I still have moments where I don’t want to speak up out of fear. However, they no longer consume my whole being.

Fifteen years ago my life was totally different. I was 15 years old and still in high school. I was very shy, didn’t think much of myself, and had been through quite a lot in the couple of years prior. The different experiences I went through made me who I was, but in a bad way. I didn’t have any self worth. I didn’t have any confidence.

Today I am fighting my anxiety, I’m winning at life, and I’ve got an amazing family of my own who have taught me that I am everything I need to be. I am much more confident, I am much more likely to speak my mind, and I have closed that chapter of my life that was holding me back for so long.

It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to say that I’ve moved on, that I have completely closed that chapter and allowed myself to confidently start the next ones. It took a lot of work and without my husband I wouldn’t have grown as much as I have.

This went a lot deeper than I thought it would but I’m glad I can finally say something more than “my eyes.”

What is your favorite part of you?

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