Over the span of my life my fears have changed as I hit different phases. Before I was a mom I had no idea what true fear was.

Three of my top fears are:

  • Something happening to my children. This sounds so cliche but I promise you this is a fear that every parent has. None of us want to live our life without our kids. I have witnessed parents lose their children and the grief they went through for years dealing with that loss. I have lost very important people in my life but I know that none of them will ever amount to the loss of a child.
  • Not being a good enough mom. I do a lot for my kids and I always will. I have also sacrificed a lot for my kids and I would never take that back or regret it. In my mind I am never doing enough and I know that 9 times out of 10 this is my anxiety talking so I just need to learn to ignore it because at the end of the day my kids are healthy, happy, and loved.
  • My marriage not surviving. This scares me because one of the main things that I want for my children is to grow up with a happy, healthy home life. I know that if things with their dad and I weren’t good that us happy and not together would be better for the kids than us together and not happy. I am not saying that I wouldn’t let it happen, it just is one of my fears because my husband is my best friend. I gotta admit we do a great job being a team in this life we’ve created.

What are some of your fears? Let me know in the comments.



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