Hobbies & Interests

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That’s definitely not a lie! LOL. Y’all moms know what I am talking about!

There are other things that I enjoy, though. Like..

  • Reading. Right now I don’t have much time to get any hobby reading done since I am finishing up my bachelor’s program but once I am done I have lots of books ready to read!
  • Blogging. I have always enjoyed keeping a journal so when I realized that I could start my own blog I was ecstatic!
  • I love camping but haven’t been in a long time.
  • Planning. I enjoy keeping a planner, decorating it, and planning out my week. It makes me feel like I have my shit together!
  • Going to the beach, river, or lake.
  • Going yardsaling. Is that a word? Oh well, it is now.
  • Going to antique shops.
  • Board/card games.

That is just a few of my hobbies and interests. What are some of yours? Let me know in the comments!



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