What do people misunderstand about me?

People seem to think that since I am quiet that I am snobby or a bitch. I can be a bitch, for sure, but generally it’s because someone gave me a reason to be. I am always quiet, especially when I don’t know you or have not gotten comfortable around you. Once I am comfortable I promise you I am a completely different person.

People have also said that they feel like I think I am better than others and this is not the case. I know I am no better than anyone else. The way that I do things or how I perceive things doesn’t make me any better than someone else who does it the opposite of me.

People think that since I have straight A’s in college that I am this well organized, very studious person… I am NOT! I procrastinate the hell out of my assignments. I am normally sitting at my dining room table on Sunday and Tuesday evenings rushing to get my assignments done. My weeks go from Wednesday to Tuesday so my assignments are always due on Sunday nights and Tuesday nights.

A lot of times people misunderstand my mental health. They don’t understand my anxiety or my depression. I am often times told to “get over it” or “take a deep breath” and to them, this will magically make me feel better and all of my anxiety and depression will disappear. I PROMISE you.. if it were THAT easy… no one would be anxious or depressed.

I sure there are more but these are the first ones that came to mind when I sat down to type this up.




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