Top 5 Pet Peeves

For day 6 I’ll be sharing with y’all my top 5 pet peeves. A lot of shit annoys me, A L O T! But I have narrowed it down to my top 5. These are in no specific order.. they all annoy me about the same.

1. Slow drivers – if you can’t drive the speed limit (except for in bad weather) then please park your car and leave the driving to those of us who do drive the speed limit.

2. People – Not all people.. just most of them. People these days are too dumb for their own good and I can’t deal with them. Common sense is a thing of the past, unfortunately.

3. Standing in lines – Not so much the waiting.. but the fact that the person behind me gets so close and all up in my bubble. Like.. can I have my personal space back or..?

4. Unreliability – Don’t say you can or will do something and then not do it or do the complete opposite. Drives me i n s a n e.

5. Bad grammar – This speaks for itself, I think. Use the correct form of a word. It’s not that hard.. at all.

Lord, could I go on and on and on.. but y’all get the point. Lol! What are some of your pet peeves? Leave them in the comments!

Until tomorrow..


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