Love Language

Day 3 talks about your love language so I took the test to share with y’all! I have taken it before but forgot what my specific results were.

My top was quality time. Which, out of the five options I’d definitely agree that it is the most important to me. I love just spending time with my husband even if it’s just sitting on the couch watching a movie together. It’s the being together that makes it special not what we’re doing or where we are.

In second place was words of affirmation. I also agree with this one! Due to situations from my past I need a lot of reassurance so the spoken word means a lot to me!

The other two I scored on are acts of service and physical touch. I appreciate help, especially when it’s not asked for. As for physical touch, I’m not shocked with my results. Before becoming a mom I was a touchy person and now.. at the end of the day I’m touched out. So I don’t want the physical touch much. I do enjoy hugging and such but honestly.. I just enjoy having my person space.

Gifts… not so much. They’re appreciated, of course! However, I don’t expect them or beg for them.

If you’d like to go take the test yourself you can here! I think it’s interesting to see how different couples are and how well they mesh together!

Let me know your love language in the comments!

Until tomorrow..


2 thoughts on “Love Language”

  1. How fun! My results were words of affirmation followed closely by quality time – both of which I agree with!!! I’m loving your posts lately!! ❤❤

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