Bucket List

Day 2 of the blog challenge is all about my bucket list. I’m a little late since it’s after midnight but… lol. These are in no specific order just whatever comes to my mind as I’m typing.

  • Finish my bachelors degree. So, I’m THREE weeks away from crossing this off my bucket list. Eek! It’s both exciting and overwhelming because once I’m done I have to decide what’s next. 😅
  • Ride in a hot air balloon. This one is going to be difficult because I’m afraid of heights but I’ve always wanted to ride in one.
  • Swim with dolphins. I love dolphins! So of course I’d want to swim with them!
  • Go to a natural hot spring! I’ve read so many blogs about these and seen so many pictures and the more I read the more I need to go!
  • Meet people I’ve met online in real life! There’s people I’ve been talking to for years that I have yet to meet and I’d love to meet them!
  • Go to a JT concert. Ideally I’d prefer to go to an *Nsync concert but it looks like they won’t be doing a reunion tour. 🙄 JT is just as good, though!

I could go on & on but I will start with those! What are some things on your bucket list?

Until next time..


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