Homeschooling: Autumn’s View

Recently we have been working on forming paragraphs, editing, and all the fun stuff of writing a paper. I asked Autumn to write a paper on what she likes and doesn’t like about homeschooling. I have wrote about homeschooling quite a bit on here but have never shared Autumn’s POV on the matter so I thought I would do that today!

Keep in mind she is in fifth grade and this is a very rough draft, more like a brainstorm for her rough draft. We still need to sit down and go over all of her sentences and structures before doing a final draft but I just wanted to share with y’all her thoughts on homeschooling and what that means for her.

I have been homeschooled for two and a half years. I started in 3rd grade and I’m now in 5th grade. I left public school because I was being bullied by the 5th & 6th graders and other kids. Homeschooling is WAY better than public school. I can’t think of many reasons to not like homeschooling.

My school days only last 1 or 2 hours instead of 7-8 hours so I have more time to play with legos or play video games. The reason my days are so fast is because… I am fast. When I’m done I play with Ellie, draw, read, and eat candy. I’m allowed to eat while I do my work.

I also don’t have to rush breakfast anymore since there’s no school bus to catch. I don’t have to ride the bus anymore! The reason that I hated riding the bus was because it was always full of bullies and mean kids. Another great thing is that I don’t have to get up super early to get ready for school.

Another reason that I prefer homeschooling is because in public school we were expected to learn everything fast and then we would move on. I feel like a lot of kids suffer because of this. Mom makes sure that I understand each topic completely before we move on to the next and she doesn’t pile lots of work on my like the public school teachers did.

I only have a few things that I don’t like about homeschooling. I don’t have anyone at the house to play with aside from my sisters. In school I had my friends that I got to see every day. Another this is that we don’t have a big playground like school does. The last thing I don’t like about homeschooling is that since I am home more I have more chores now, too.

Again, this is a very rough draft. She basically sat down and just poured her thoughts out on paper and next we will work on writing better sentences, organizing it better, etc. I think she has a very kid like approach to her dislikes of homeschooling – we don’t have the big playground like school. LOL.

I hope that y’all enjoyed this post and learning more about Autumn’s thoughts on homeschooling. I am so glad that I had her do this assignment because it let me know her thoughts, too. We talk about homeschooling everyday and go over lots of things but I think it is important to know what she feels and thinks about it as well. It is HER education, after all. I am so glad that she enjoys this as much as I do. It is a lot of work but knowing that she is learning and appreciating what I do makes it so worth it!

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12 thoughts on “Homeschooling: Autumn’s View”

  1. Sounds like something my 10 yr old would write about her experience. I am feeling a pull to get her into more extra curricular stuff. She loves the one on one aspect of homeschool. I pulled her out after kindergarten because she struggled with this fear of failure, which we later realized was indication of perfectionism traits.

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    1. Autumn is 11 so I’m not shocked with her responses! Lol. We’ve got Autumn in an extra curricular activity & I’ve been looking into other ones, too.


  2. I worry about this growing issue of bullying so much! Our oldest has begged us to let her go to school, we agreed so that she can experience it for herslf. I pray she enjoys every second and thrives.
    Your daughters words are so beautiful, if the time comes when my own baby is beinging to feel like way, I’ll refer back to this post so that she knows she isn’t alone. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. I loved reading her POV on homeschooling. I didn’t think that it would be just a couple of hours though – maybe the morning! I’m glad that your children are thriving on it – mine are older now, but I do wonder if they would have benefitted from being homeschooled.

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    1. How long it lasts depends on how well she understands the topic that day. And because it’s only her in her grade she doesn’t have to wait for other students who may not understand it and we can move on when she’s finished with it. Normally our day is about 3 hours long, though, since she’s fully independent and moves on to the next subject when she finishes with one!

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